Budgeting for Study Abroad

Study abroad can be affordable. If you plan ahead and budget carefully, you will find that studying abroad does not cost much more than a semester of study at UWF.

UWF Student Michael McGee Learned to manage money and the exchange rate in Sweden.
Studying abroad does not cost big bucks

Study Abroad is Affordable

Study abroad does not have to break the bank. If you plan early, you may also be eligible for scholarships or other funding opportunities.

Our budget worksheet is a great planning tool and gives you an overview of pre-departure expenses and costs once you are abroad.

Study Abroad Budget Worksheet

What are the Costs?

Tuition, housing and living expenses are comparable abroad and at UWF. You will also find that meals and transportation are affordable for students at our program sites. You might spend the same amount on the other side of the world as you do right here in Pensacola!

Getting ready for study abroad does have some additional expenses. Pre-departure expenses include airfare, study abroad insurance, and passport and visa fees. Your study abroad advisor can provide information on the costs for your program and advise you on budgeting while you are abroad.

Once you have a passport, it is an investment that is good for 10 years!

Planning your Budget

UWF International Programs is here to help as you plan your budget. Your study abroad advisor will guide you through the financial considerations of your program. These include program costs and estimated living and travel expenses at your destination. The budget worksheet is a great resource for keeping track of your expenses.

Starting early is key so that you can work with UWF Financial Aid, apply for scholarships and research other funding opportunities. Scholarships deadlines can be semesters in advance of your semester abroad. Plan ahead to make the most of the financial resources available.

At Study Abroad Orientation, you will learn more about currency exchange, payment methods abroad and tips for making the most of your funds.