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Mobile Applications

Follow the links on this page for information on apps that are available to help you in your daily life. All of the apps are free and most of them are available for both iPhone and Android.

UWF Guardian

UWF Guardian is one of the best ways to improve your personal safety by allowing easy communication with UWFPD and others within your own safety network. This app provides rapid and proactive communication with UWFPD, friends, and family.

When you sign up for your profile, your account will automatically configure to UWF settings.

For more information, please visit the UWF Guardian Campus Safety App page for more information about campus safety.

Free download for Android or Apple and search "RAVE Guardian."

Kurzweil 3000

Kurzweil 3000TM is a comprehensive reading, writing and learning software solution for any struggling reader, including individuals with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, attention deficit disorder or those who are English Language Learners.

For a quick reference guide, FAQs and training videos, go to the Kurzweil 3000 at UWF resource page.

Kurzweil 3000 is only available in physical computer labs and is not available virtually, neither through MyUWF nor ArgoApps. For a list of campus locations, visit the resource page.

Argo Pulse

Argo Pulse is your guide to student life at UWF. You can browse events, search for organizations, keep up with news and much more. Staying connected on the go has never been so easy.

For more information on Argo Pulse and all UWF campus events, visit the Campus Activity Boardwebsite.


Dropbox stores your files safely in the cloud, where an unfortunate coffee spill can't erase them forever.

Files saved in Dropbox are accessible from anywhere and can be quickly shared with anyone else using a custom-generated link. If you're going to be sharing files with someone or a group of people regularly, you can also create a shared folder that everyone has access to, so they can add and copy what they need. 

Dropbox Tips

  • Download the Dropbox app for your computer so that you have a folder that automatically syncs with your Dropbox account.
  • When you start working with a team, create a new shared Dropbox folder and give everyone access to it. That way, there are no questions about who has which files.
  • To get alerts whenever someone adds a file to your shared Dropbox folder.

Visit Dropbox to download the app.

Google Drive

Google Drive gives you a folder on your computer in which you can store files that will be automatically backed up online for safekeeping. You can share these documents with others and create shared folders that collaborators can access.

The big benefit that Google Drive has over Dropbox is that it's integrated with Google Docs. That means you can create, share, and edit documents online, and save them directly to your Google Drive folders, instead of just sending documents back and forth. This way, if one of your team members uses Word and another uses Pages, you don't run into any conflicting file types.

Google Drive Tips

  • Create a shared Drive folder for everyone that you're working with.
  • Upload materials that the team needs directly to the shared folder, so everyone can collaborate on them.

Visit Google Drive to sign up.

G Suite

G Suite comprises Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, and Google+ for communication, drive for storage, docs, sheets, slides, forms, and sites for collaboration. You can create, share, edit in real-time and sync across devices. 

Available to UWF students. Use your student email account to access the different apps (Gmail, drive, calendar, docs, sheets, slides, etc.) Visit UWF Google Apps to learn more about the resources available to you.


GroupMe lets you create chat rooms for anywhere from 3 to 50 people for free, with the benefit of letting you chat both through simple text messages and through the app.

It's useful for short-term group projects where you don't want to use a more full-featured communication tool like Slack. Plus, it makes setup much easier since people can respond to messages via text until they download and set up the app.

It even works over SMS. You don't need to have our app to use Groupme. Add anyone from your phone book, and they will immediately be able to chat with the group. You can chat with your groups directly over SMS.

Groupme Tips

  • As soon as you start a new group project, get everyone's phone number so you can add them to Groupme.
  • Use an "@" tag to have a message ping a group member's phone in case they have notifications turned off.

Groupme is available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and Mac.

Google Docs

Google Docs offers the functionality of Microsoft Word in a web app that you can access from any device. Plus, with Google Chrome, you can run Docs offline in your browser. That means even when you're in a class without an internet connection, you can still take notes and have Google sync them with your account once you're connected again.

Google Docs also shines when it comes to collaboration, letting you share notes with others in a few clicks. You can then edit, comment and suggest changes with fellow classmates. It's perfect for when you need to collaborate on a project but can't all be in the same place all the time.

Google Docs Tips

  • Create a new document for each class session, or create notes for each theme that the class covers so it's easier to find what you're looking for later.
  • Create a folder for each class, and put all your notes and assignments in the folder so you have access to them from everywhere.
  • When you're working on long documents, keep your notes structured with the built-in Table of Contents feature

Evernote & OneNote

Evernote and OneNote are apps designed specifically for note taking. If you're a long-time Microsoft Office user, you should find yourself comfortable with OneNote. But for Google Docs advocates, Evernote might feel more familiar.

Evernote lets you create "notes," which could be text, pictures, voice messages, videos, PDFs, and almost anything else you can save. You can sort those notes into notebooks, create stacks of notebooks that fit a certain theme, and tag notes to organize them into categories. You can even create to-do lists in Evernote to help you, for example, stay on top of reviewing notes for upcoming test dates.

The best feature for amplifying your note taking, though, is Evernote's search capabilities. Just type in whatever you're looking for in the search box, and Evernote shows every related note on that topic—you'll never again have a hard time finding the information for that concept you forgot.

Evernote and OneNote Tips

  • Create a notebook for each class, and then keep all of your class notebooks in one "Classes" notebook stack. Within each notebook, create a new note for each lecture, assignment, and reading.
  • If you're working with a group, consider creating a "shared" notebook so that you all have your notes in one place.
  • Connect your Evernote account to the app integration tool Zapier to, for example, add reminders to your calendar.

Sign up for Evernote and this link to download OneNote.


Sonocent Audio Notetaker is software for PC or Mac that offers a visual and interactive form of note-taking. Audio recordings are transformed from a single stream of information to easy to interpret colored bars. Audio Notetaker is an ideal piece of assistive technology software to help those who struggle with note-taking.

Each phrase in the recording is split into manageable sections by highlighting the recordings in different colors. These colors can be amended and titled to mean different things to the user. They can also delete, move and edit sections. PowerPoint slides, images, and more can be added to the file and are instantly matched up to the relevant part of the audio recording.

Visit the Sonocent website for more information. 


Smart Pen

A self-contained ink pen that is packed with a microphone, speaker and on-board storage, it captures every moment of every interaction – so that you can do what you do miss needed information

Never miss a word. You can record and playback everything you write and hear. Then, using a USB cable, transfer your notes and audio to your computer.

Students registered with the Student Accessibility Resources who are approved for this accommodation can check out a Smartpen. There are a limited number of pens available. Contact our office for more information about the loan agreement.

To learn more about the smartpen, please visit LiveScribe Smartpen.

Capti Narrator

Capti Narrator is an award-winning app that offers a new approach to consuming digital content. Use Capti to listen to everything you want to read on the go and at your leisure.

Features in the basic (free) version include:

  • Text to Speech - Turn any text into an audiobook: hands-free and eyes-free.
  • Save for Later - Save documents and web articles for later in your Playlist and access it even offline; synchronize your Playlist and your reading position across all your devices.
  • Sophisticated Navigation - Jump to the next/previous word, sentence, paragraph, heading, page, or a search keyword.
  • Screen Reader Support - Extensively customized for JAWS and NVDA (Windows) and VoiceOver (iPhone, iPad).

Download Capti for iPhone and to install Capti on your computer.

Anki & AnkiApp

Anki is a program that makes remembering things easy. It's a lot more efficient than traditional study methods. You can either greatly decrease your time spent studying or greatly increase the amount you learn.

Anyone who needs to remember things in their daily life can benefit from Anki. Since it is content-agnostic and supports images, audio, videos and scientific markup (via LaTeX), the possibilities are endless.

Anki Tips

  • Whenever you have material you need to memorize (foreign language words, historic details, names of different bones), create a flashcard in a "stack" with the information you need to know.
  • Go through the flashcards daily so you can commit them to memory. As you memorize the cards, this will take less time.
  • Check out shared Anki decks, which offer cards for topics like foreign language, science, and math.

Download Anki for Windows or download the mobile AnkiApps.


Brainscape's online flashcards optimize your studying by repeating harder concepts in the perfect interval for maximum memory retention. This smart flashcard app will sync between devices, give you the option to share or keep your cards secure, and track better metrics.

Brainscape applies decades of cognitive science research toward an optimal educational experience that drills you on bite-sized learning objectives. By organizing our millions of adaptive flashcards into a comprehensive "Knowledge Genome," we are laying the groundwork for a new global education hub where our atomic learning objectives can connect to any other type of educational media.

Visit the Brainscape website or download the app for both Apple and Android stores.


A mind map is a tool for the brain that captures the thinking that goes on inside your head. Mind mapping helps you think, collect knowledge, remember and create ideas. Most likely, it will make you a better thinker.

SimpleMind is a program that helps you create mind maps for brainstorming, keeping track of ideas, and showing there’s a method to your madness. You can also add pictures, videos, websites, and notes to your chart.

Available for download for Windows, Apple, and Android.

MyScript® Nebo

Nebo® is the best way to take notes, always here to help you be more productive, day after day. Designed for Windows 10 and active pens, Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon and Active Pens like Samsung S Pen.

Structure your notes by creating titles, paragraphs and bulleted lists. Convert them instantly into Word, text or HTML format. Add interactive diagrams that can be copied as editable elements to PowerPoint or as images to other apps. Equations and calculations can be copied to apps supporting LaTeX or as images. Draw sketches and annotate images. Use the latest innovations of MyScript Interactive Ink to be more productive with your pen! Check compatible devices on MyScipt Nebo.

With Nebo, users can:

  • Draw interactive diagrams with elements you can edit and move around. Copy them as images to any app or as fully editable diagrams to PowerPoint.
  • Get a Word, text or PDF (iOS only) document out of your Nebo note. View your HTML note in Quick Look (iOS only) or your browser.
  • Find handwritten ink and text across all notes in your library, including in your diagrams.
  • Structure your notes using titles, paragraphs and bulleted lists. Convert your handwriting into typeset text.
  • Sync your notes to iCloud (iOS only), Google Drive or Dropbox. Requires a MyScript account (free).

Visit the Nebo website to learn more information, including a video to see Smart Note in action and to download MyScript® Nebo for both Apple and Android.

Kurzweil 3000

Kurzweil 3000TM is the comprehensive reading, writing and learning software solution for any struggling reader, including individuals with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, attention deficit disorder or those who are English Language Learners

Kurzweil 3000 is only available in physical computer labs for all UWF students. Visit the Student Accessibility Resources Kurzweil 3000 webpage for more information and resources. is the simplest task management tool on this page. Its minimal interface shows what you need to do today, tomorrow, later, and someday, so you're not overloaded with a laundry list of responsibilities. At the beginning of the day, walks you through a "daily review" where you decide what you want to tackle that day and what you want to defer until later. natively integrates with Google Apps, too. That means you can add to-dos in Gmail with the help of a Chrome extension, and the Android app even asks if there are any action items whenever you leave a meeting that was on your Google Calendar. Tips
  • Install the chrome extension so that you can add to-dos from emails.
  • Set recurring tasks for things that you do on a regular basis.
  • Sync with your calendar and download it on your phone. It will prompt you after each meeting to record any takeaways and remind you to do them later. is available on iPhone, Android, Chrome app, and the Web. Always in sync, helping you make things happen wherever you are.

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro is a unique built-in planner that lets you input and easily manage all types of schedules, including classic, alternating (A and B weeks), rotating and block schedules. You can enter the most common course details but also add instructors with all related information, such as office hours, affiliation, phone number, and email address. A special section is dedicated to keeping track of your homework and assignments. iStudiez Pro has a full presence on Apple Watch. You can virtually stay notified of all the important events and homework due on your Apple Watch with smartly designed notifications.

iStudiez Pro is available for download on Android, Apple, and Windows


Habitica is a video game to help you improve real-life habits. It "gamifies" your life by turning all your tasks (habits, dailies, and to-dos) into little monsters you have to conquer. The better you are at this, the more you progress in the game. Habitica can help you achieve your goals to become healthy, hard-working, and happy.

Habitica is available for download for Android and Apple

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