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Documentation Requirements

To be eligible for services, the student must provide appropriate documentation from a licensed or certified professional with expertise in the specific disability.

General Documentation Requirements

Professional Diagnosis Explanation: The diagnosis should clearly state a diagnosis of the medical/mental health condition, evaluation and explanation of any functional limitations the condition will impose on the student in an academic setting and provide recommendations for reasonable accommodations, recommendations and other specifics.
A Professional Diagnosis: Needs to be on the professional's letterhead, including the name, title, dates of treatment, signature, professional's license number and/or certification number. 
Please Note: IEPs, 504 Plans, and Doctor's prescription notepads are not acceptable but can be used for supplemental information only.
The Professional: The professional providing the documentation should be qualified to diagnose and treat the student. 
Age of Documentation: The documentation should be under five years old. Some exceptions may apply to students with physical disabilities. 

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