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Request Accommodations

The University of West Florida prioritizes access to high-quality learning and experience for all active students. The Students Accessibility Resources (SAR) Office provides individualized support services for students to remove barriers to allow academic success.

Types of Accommodations through SAR

Before receiving accommodations and services, students must self-identify as a student needing accommodations by registering with SAR. Each accommodation has different guidelines depending on the nature of the disability. Please call our office at 850.474.2387 if you need assistance identifying the right accommodations for you.

To see how to request accommodations by category, please select from the graphics below.

Steps to Requesting Accommodations

Students interested in obtaining accommodation services should begin the following steps.

Step 1

Students requesting services must have applied and be admitted to the University of West Florida.

Step 2

Students will need to verify the need for accommodations (self-identify) by submitting an application and supporting medical documentation.

Step 3

Students will need to complete a registration appointment with a SAR staff member.

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