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Temporary Services

Temporary impairments or medical conditions are generally not regarded as disabilities. The degree of functional limitation and the duration of such impairments are typically not substantial enough to cause a temporary condition to be considered a disability.

Steps to Request Temporary Services

To be considered for temporary services, students must complete the following steps:

  • Submit a Temporary Services Application
  • Schedule an appointment with the SAR staff
  • Bring documentation of your temporary condition to your appointment:
    • licensed or certified professional who is qualified to diagnose and treat the specific condition
    • professional letterhead
    • states the condition and explains the functional limitations the condition imposes in the academic setting
    • states accommodations the student will need

During the appointment, you and the SAR staff will discuss the following:

  • Your temporary disabling condition
  • Documentation of your temporary condition
  • Accommodations and services

Temporary Mobility Impairment

Students who are utilizing mobility aids such as electric scooters, wheelchairs, canes, crutches etc., are advised to research the most accessible route for their needs to get to and from class.

Transportation Needs

If students with temporary impairments have transportation needs relating to their condition, they are encouraged to use the campus Trolley, which meets the federal requirements for accessibility. For more information, see Parking and Transportation Services Trolley Information.


UWF provides accessible parking on campus. Students in need of accessible parking must have a state-issued parking placard as well as an appropriate University parking permit.

Course Adjustments

Students who need information regarding course changes or adjustments should contact their academic advisors or instructors of the course.

Difficulty Writing

Students experiencing difficulty writing due to a temporary impairment should:

  • Ask a fellow classmate to take notes or obtain a copy of their notes.
  • Speak to the instructor and/or Teaching Assistant, who may be able to provide suggestions regarding note-taking and testing.
  • Request permission from the instructor to use a tape/digital recorder.
  • If writing is significantly impaired, consider a speech-to-text software program.

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