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Francine Coller


Francine Coller joined the Center of Cybersecurity team in the Fall of 2022. She serves as the Program Coordinator under the National Cybersecurity Workforce Development Program for the National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity and UWF’s CyberSkills2Work Program. She is passionate about seeing people succeed and loves that her role allows her to help equip them with the resources to do so.

Francine is a University of Arizona graduate, where she earned a Master’s in Public Administration and a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and Policy. The University of Arizona is also where Francine’s career in higher education began, where she formerly worked as an administrative associate at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory in the Planetary Sciences Department. Francine was recognized for her outstanding contributions to the laboratory by having an asteroid named after her, which she considers one of her greatest and most unique accomplishments. Don’t worry, asteroid 211106 Francinewetzel is classified as a main-belt asteroid and has an incredibly low chance of ever making an impact on Earth.

In her spare time, she enjoys anything that involves being outdoors, especially when she is alongside her husband, and Jack Russell terrier, Max.