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Aaron Hathaway


Aaron studied for his undergraduate in physics with an emphasis on astronomy and cosmology at California State University Fresno with a minor in music performance and was the recipient of the President's Honors Scholarship as part of the Smittcamp Family Honors Program.  He obtained vocational IT training from Pensacola Junior College.  He's been working in IT since 2007 and has a diverse IT background from Exchange and Office 365 administration, major hospital computer operations, vulnerability management, and advanced Citrix troubleshooting, and was a senior technician for Apple Inc for five years.
Aaron's MBTI is ENTP (The Debater). "It would be a mistake, though, to think of Debaters as disagreeable or mean-spirited. Instead, people with this personality type are knowledgeable and curious, with a playful sense of humor, and they can be incredibly entertaining. They simply have an offbeat, contrarian idea of fun – one that involves a healthy dose of spirited debate."
Aaron still maintains a love affair with the sciences and can often be found reading articles and journals on the topics of quantum physics, cosmology, astrophysics, cognitive science, neuroscience, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and anything else that piques his interests.  Whenever he is faced with boring tasks such as driving, doing dishes, laundry, etc., you'll find Aaron with his earbuds in, listening to a LitRPG audio book or podcast.  Aaron maintains a lifelong fascination with computers and video games in particular, and spends his free time gaming, reading, rollerblading, and spending time with his daughter.  You can find Aaron and his daughter most weekends at the local skating rink or water park during the summer months.