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Murray Kenyon

  • Cybersecurity Partnerships Executive, U.S. Bank


Murray W. Kenyon is Vice President, Cybersecurity Workforce Development, in Information Security Services at U.S. Bank, the fifth largest commercial bank in the United States. He leads development of initiatives to advance the cybersecurity skills of Bank employees, and supports Bank programs to foster the growth and development of rising leaders. His expertise comes from more than 30 years of leadership in cybersecurity, intelligence, geo-political analysis, information sharing, and critical infrastructure protection in government and the private sector.

Murray is a seasoned leader of national-level cybersecurity initiatives. Prior to joining U.S. Bank, he was Senior Vice President for Technology Risk Management at the Financial Services Roundtable (now the Bank Policy Institute), an association of the 100 largest integrated financial institutions in the nation. In leading FSR’s Cybersecurity program, he focused on cyber preparedness, information and technology sharing, shaping and implementing cybersecurity legislation, and cross-sector and industry-government collaboration. He worked with information security professionals in the private and public sectors to investigate, make available, and integrate advanced and emerging technologies into financial networks.

Before joining FSR, Murray spent 33 years in analytic, staff, and leadership positions at the National Security Agency (NSA). His responsibilities ranged from operational and technical activities to interagency liaison and industry outreach to leading national-level governance and policy for the secure operation of federal government IT and communications systems. He represented NSA to partner agencies, and led stakeholder engagement efforts for NSA’s Threat Operations Center and Information Assurance Directorate. As NSA’s Senior Executive Account Manager for the Financial Sector, he helped Treasury and financial regulatory agencies improve the security of their networks, and organized NSA technical assistance to partner agencies in responding to cybersecurity incidents in the private sector. He worked with DHS to educate industry executives on the cyber threat and mitigation strategies, and led NSA participation in the cybersecurity exercise program undertaken by the financial sector and government in 2013 through 2015. He was appointed to the Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service in 2005.

Murray received his Bachelor’s degree from Asbury University, and Master’s degrees from the National Intelligence University (Strategic Intelligence) and the National War College (National Security Strategy).