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Student Resources

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the many resources at their disposal. Our dedicated faculty and staff are ready to help you get the most out of your time here at UWF. The following facilities, centers, and reference materials have been created with one goal in mind: to help you succeed!

University Resources

UWF Library

The University of West Florida Libraries provides research materials, research assistance, technology access, and study spaces to support student learning and success. Through the library homepage, students may access the catalog of materials held by all UWF Libraries, online databases that contain full-text articles and e-books, and services such as interlibrary loan. In addition to books that support research, students may check out their undergraduate textbooks. Every library location offers computers, scanners, Wi-Fi, SMART Boards, and other technology - including equipment that may be checked out, like laptops and calculators. Additionally, each location has a variety of individual and group study accommodations. Subject-specialist librarians are available at all locations (and virtually) to assist students.

Professional Studies Library

The Professional Studies Library (located in Building 86, Room 105) supports Education, Criminal Justice, and Social Work students, staff, and faculty. We carry the undergraduate textbooks for each discipline, along with various collections for research and classroom use. The library also provides a Creation Station for students to use during their student-teacher internships and student organization events, along with equipment checkouts like laptops, projectors, and cameras. Three private study rooms are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, and a SMART board for group projects is ready for use.

For research questions, please contact the following librarians for assistance:

For more information about the Professional Studies Library, please visit the University Libraries website.

Tutoring and Learning Resources

Tutoring and Learning Resources (Building 21, Room 120) is an academic facility that provides free academic support services to all students enrolled at the University of West Florida. Tutoring and Learning Resources is the only exclusive tutor lab on campus to provide tutoring in almost all general subjects offered at UWF.

Visit UWF tutoring to view a full list of tutoring services available at UWF.

UWF Writing Lab

The UWF Writing Lab (Building 51, Room 157) is available to assist students with proper procedures for writing papers and documenting sources. The Writing Lab offers extensive online resources, and you may also e-mail questions to

Appointment Desk: 850.474.2229

Grammar Hotline: 850.474.2129

UWF Plagiarism Policy

The Code of Student Conduct, Academic Misconduct, states: “Plagiarism. The act of representing the ideas, words, creations or work of another as one’s own.” Plagiarism combines theft with fraud, and the penalty is correspondingly severe: failure for the assignment and, in some cases, for the entire course. At the instructor’s discretion, she/he may recommend that the student be suspended from the university. Ignorance of the rules about plagiarism is no excuse for it, and carelessness is just as bad as purposeful violation. Students who have plagiarized have cheated themselves out of the experience of being responsible members of the academic community and have cheated their classmates by pretending to contribute original ideas.