Leaving the University

Employees leaving UWF should follow the exit checklist below. The checklist serves as a guide as to what needs to be done when departing UWF.

Exit Checklist

We certainly hope your experience at the University of West Florida has had a positive impact on your life and wish you the best in your future endeavors! Now that your employment at UWF is coming to an end, we want to make sure that your transition from the university is a smooth one. The following checklist will assist you with the exit process. Please contact your immediate supervisor or Human Resources if you have any questions. Note: Items on this checklist may not apply to all employee types.

  • Notify your supervisor one month in advance if possible.
  • Provide your supervisor with a written letter of resignation if resigning or retiring.
  • Contact the HR Benefits Section at least 6 months to 120 days in advance if retiring (see Retirement Preparation section for further details).
  • Alert the HR Benefits Section if you are transferring to another State university or agency so they can assist you in a smooth transition.
  • Call the HR Benefits Section to set up your insurance deduction end dates, discuss the continuation of coverage through COBRA, if desired, and to discuss what to do with your retirement accounts.
  • Review the Retirement Plan for OPS Employees (FICA Alternative) information (OPS employees only).
  • Submit your final time sheet or leave report to your supervisor for approval.
  • Check to be sure your Employee Permanent Address and Phone Number are up-to-date (via the Contact and Privacy Info app in MyUWF) so your W-2 will be mailed to the proper address and we can contact you if necessary.
  • Complete the Separation Clearance Form‌ before your last day and turn in to your immediate supervisor. This will require you to turn in any UWF property, keys, or P-card in your possession and to clear up any outstanding fees. This form must be signed off before your final leave payout can be released. This is required for all Faculty and University Work Force employees. OPS Staff who have keys and/or property should complete the form, but it is not a requirement upon exiting UWF.
  • Set an out-of-office reply on your email stating that you have left the university and directing senders to another university employee.
  • Review ITS information regarding Argonet account status.
  • Complete the voluntary Exit Survey‌.
  • Call Human Resources if you have any concerns about the terms of your separation (disciplinary termination cases) or wish to discuss your rights to file a grievance. Employees have 30 calendar days from the occurrence of an action to file a grievance against it. Please refer to our Employee Relations section and applicable bargaining agreements for specific details.
  • Contact Human Resources if you have questions about future eligibility for rehire. Employees who retire from the FRS (withdraw or roll over monies from their pension, ORP, or investment plan) are not eligible for rehire for one year, unless they satisfy FRS requirements. Rehired University Work Force employees are required to serve the usual probationary period.