Employee Relations

The University of West Florida is committed to promoting positive environments and relationships by focusing on good management practices and workplace behaviors. The university's goal continues to be a proactive approach towards maintaining positive communication among employees, supervisors, and managers in order to minimize the occurrence of employee relations problems. When problems do occur, Human Resources is there to provide assistance and guidance from the onset of the problem.

The university offers counsel and guidance within the framework of University policies and regulations, and State and Federal laws. Our mission is to achieve an end result that is in the best interest of both the employee and the university. We are here to assist you!

Be assured that the university will maintain confidentiality to every extent possible and consistent with legal requirements. However, if the matter involves unlawful activity or conduct, or is critical to UWF operations, information may be shared on a need-to-know basis or where UWF policies require notification. The Employee Relations team offers you:

  • Confidential consultations to discuss and resolve workplace problems
  • Assistance with employee counseling
  • Guidance and training on employee performance discussions and the evaluation process
  • Coaching for improved employee performance
  • Step by step assistance throughout the disciplinary process
  • Guidance to both the employee and the supervisor throughout the probationary period
  • Clarification, interpretation and advice on policies, regulations and applicable employment laws
  • Assistance and guidance to both employees and supervisors throughout the layoff process
  • Coaching and guidance in conflict resolution and mediation
  • Understanding of the policies and processes for work hours, leave time, and extended medical absences
  • Guidance in collective bargaining issues
  • Administration of the grievance process
  • Employee Relations Symposium

University Work Force Disciplinary Procedures - Standards of Conduct

University Work Force employees are expected to adhere to specified performance standards in the performance of their duties and comply with federal and state laws and regulations, as well as UWF policies and procedures.

Standards of conduct, for University Work Force employees, are outlined in University Policy HR-22.00 "Standards of Conduct," and include: Time Management, Work Effort, and Work Station; Performance of Duties; Property Rights; Personal Rights; Safety Practices; Upholding Laws, Rules and Ordinances; Compliance with UWF Rules, Regulations, Policies, and Procedures.

Employee work deficiencies and breaches of good conduct will be managed in a timely and equitable manner consistent with the Standards of Conduct Policy. Standards of Conduct which employees are expected to meet are established in this policy and employees who fail to meet these Standards of Conduct may have corrective action taken in accordance with the established ranges of discipline. Such corrective action is to be constructive, applied in a uniform and nondiscriminatory manner, and used for the purpose of motivating the employee to meet the university's established Standards of Conduct. For more information, please refer to UWF Policy HR-22.00.

For more information and further assistance on employee relation matters and the disciplinary process, please call Jamie Sprague at 850-474-2156.