Roth 403(B) Supplemental Accounts

UWF employees (including non-student OPS) may elect to participate in Roth (403B) After-Tax Annuity Plans. These plans allow employees to make after-tax contributions to annuities that allow for tax-exempt growth. Funds placed in Roth 403(b) After-Tax Annuity plans are not tied to State Retirement Plans. The combined total 403(b) contributions made to both a Tax Deferred Annuity and the Roth After-Tax Annuity are currently limited to $18,000.00 annually with provisions for 50+ additional deferrals. You may start new Roth accounts, change providers, change deferral amounts, or start/stop contributions at any time.  Employees interested in information regarding the University of West Florida’s Roth 403(b) programs may contact Jeff Comeau in Human Resources at 850-474-2610 or or the agents shown below for brochures outlining the available plans:

Roth 403(b) Contacts
CompanyRepresentativePhone NumberEmail Address
VOYA Samantha Wells 850-291-5379
MetLife Lori Brabham 850-207-8636
AIG Retirement (formerly VALIC) Tom St. Clair 850-723-9713