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Roth 403(B) Supplemental Accounts

UWF employees (including non-student OPS) may elect to participate in Roth (403B) After-Tax Annuity Plans. These plans allow employees to make after-tax contributions to annuities that allow for tax-exempt growth. Funds placed in Roth 403(b) After-Tax Annuity plans are not tied to State Retirement Plans. The combined total 403(b) contributions made to both a Tax Deferred Annuity and the Roth After-Tax Annuity are currently limited to $18,000.00 annually with provisions for 50+ additional deferrals. You may start new Roth accounts, change providers, change deferral amounts, or start/stop contributions at any time.  Employees interested in information regarding the University of West Florida’s Roth 403(b) programs may contact Jamie Sprague in Human Resources at 850.474.2694 or Jamie Sprague, or the agents shown below for brochures outlining the available plans:

Roth 403(b) Contacts
CompanyRepresentativePhone NumberEmail Address
VOYA Samantha Wells 850.291.5379
MetLife Joe Peterson 850.478.7955
Corebridge (formerly AIG/VALIC) Jesse Wickham 850.418.3686