Tax Supplemental Accounts 403(B)

UWF provides five companies that offer 403(B) Tax Deferred Annuity Plans to employees including adjuncts and non-student OPS. These plans allow employees to defer money prior to taxes being withheld. Funds placed in Tax Deferred Annuity plans are not tied to State Retirement Plans. Under very limited conditions funds may be withdrawn prior to retirement for loans or qualifying hardships, but in most cases a penalty may have to be paid, and in all cases the money withdrawn would be subject to current federal income taxes. Employees interested in information regarding the University of West Florida's Tax Deferred Annuity programs may contact the Office of Human Resources or the agents shown below for brochures outlining the available plans:

403(b) Companies and their Representative's Contact Information
CompanyRepresentativePhone Number
VOYA/Lincoln Samantha Wells 850-291-5379
Equitable AXA Weston Cramer  850-470-2424
MetLife Lori Brabham 850-207-8636
TIAA Howard Reiff 813-632-5109
AIG Retirement (formerly VALIC) Tom St. Clair 850-723-9713