Certificate in Event Planning

The Certificate in Event Planning consists of a series of courses designed to provide employees with information related to event planning on UWF campuses. The program offers insight into various processes and departments while also highlighting resources available to planners. This program will also provide professional event planning tips and best practices. This certificate program was created by members of the Event Planners Group at UWF. For more information, please contact Anna Lochas at alochas@uwf.edu.

Participants must complete a total of eight courses to earn the certificate. Of these eight courses, participants must complete the two required courses, two on-site courses, and an additional four courses. All courses must be completed within a year and a half. Two of the four on-site courses must be completed for the certificate, but participants may take additional on-site courses as part of their four optional courses. 

  • Event Planning Basics (Required Course)
  • Risk Management for Events (Required Course)
  • Conference and Event Services (On-site Course)
  • Event Planning in the CFPA (On-site Course)
  • Recreation Facilities (On-site Course)
  • Historic Hospitality - Hosting Events at Historic Pensacola (On-site Course)
  • Food Safety and Catering on the UWF Campus
  • Working with the Division of University Advancement
  • Hosting Executive Level Events at UWF
  • Making Your Event Accessible
  • Booking Events Online with the EMS Web App

Upon completion of the eight courses for the Certificate in Event Planning, employees must complete a Verification of Professional Development Completion Form and submit it to Human Resources to receive the certificate.

Course Outline

Event Planning Basics (Required)

Course Description: This course will introduce employees to event planning processes and resources at UWF. There will be an overview of the Event Planning Group and what they do as well as information about various campus departments and available campus resources for event planners. Additionally, this class will highlight best practices for event planning and professional event planning tips and tricks.

Risk Management for Events (Required)

Course Description: This course will go over important risk management regulations and requirements for events at UWF. Information about safety measures, general liability, insurance, and more will be discussed. Attendees will be given time to ask questions about specific events or areas of concern.

Conference and Event Services (On-site Course)

Course Description: This course will give an overview of the services offered by UCES (University Commons and Event Services) as well as the spaces that UCES manages. Items of import include: pricing, equipment, policies, and more. A tour of the major spaces will be given as time and availability permit.

Event Planning in the CFPA (On-site Course)

Course Description: Planning an event in a space predominantly used for performances can give you additional options but can also create some unique challenges. This course will walk you through some of those opportunities and challenges. It will also introduce you to some of terminology that you will need to know and questions that will need to be answered to interact most effectively with the facility staff.

Recreation Facilities

Course Description: Class attendees will learn what facilities and services are available for event reservations and planning through Recreation & Wellness. This includes the HLS Facility, Argonaut Athletic Club, Fieldhouse, and outdoor facilities. Attendees will learn about the reservation process as it relates to the department. There will be a tour of each facility that can be reserved for events.

Historic Hospitality - Hosting Events at Historic Pensacola (On-site Course)

Course Description: Discover some of the ins and outs of daily museum operations at the UWF Historic Trust as they pertain to special event planning. Find out all information necessary--from start to finish-- to host events downtown at the Museum of Commerce, T.T. Wentworth Museum, Barkley House, Museum Plaza, and the Voices of Pensacola Multicultural Center.

This course will rotate between locations. When the course is offered downtown it will include a walking tour of some of the facilities. When this course is offered on the main campus it will include a virtual tour. Please check the Professional Development Reservation Desk for location information.

Food Safety and Catering on the UWF Campus

Course Description: During the first part of this overview, you will gain an understanding of the proper practices for handling food safely as well as what events may require a Temporary Food Permit. Additionally, you will learn about Cottage Food and the types of food that may be sold on campus by student organizations. During the second part of this overview, you will learn when your event requires a caterer and when food service providers are appropriate. In addition, the campus alcohol serving policy and beverage vending/pouring rights contract will be discussed.

Working with the Division of University Advancement

Course Description: This course will provide an overview of the Division of University Advancement and how to interact with the various departments within University Advancement including Development, Alumni Relations, and the Foundation. Procedures for requesting alumni and donor information and for contacting alumni and donors will be discussed. Information about fundraising for departments, events, and projects will be provide. Attendees will also learn about the Ambassador Program and working with Ambassadors.

Hosting Executive Level Events at UWF

Course Description: This course will clearly identify the processes and procedure for hosting executive level events on behalf of the University of West Florida. This course will cover etiquette and protocols for hosting presidential events, community leaders and executives, board members, elected officials or candidates, and international guests. This includes events for executives and events where executives are invited to attend.

Making Your Events Accessible

Course Description: How to make your event accessible to all. This course will offer an overview of ADA rules and regulations, event accommodation practices, and issues event planners should consider when planning events. This course will also offer suggestions for making event more accessible and highlight resources available to UWF Event Planners.

Booking Events Online with the EMS Web App

Course Description: Learn how to make reservation, on-line, with the EMS Web app.  Participants will find out how to log in, how to book spaces and services in the Commons and other locations. Participants will also have the opportunity to provide feedback and recommendations to improve the user experience.

Additional Courses Being Developed - Descriptions Coming Soon

  • Meeting and Event Design