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Graduate Student Travel

We are excited to welcome back the opportunity for graduate students to present at conferences and competitions! The Office of the Provost will support the Graduate Student Travel Awards for this 2022-2023 academic year.

The departments should facilitate this process for the students.

All requests should be submitted to

For more information on applying for this award, see the information below.

Awards are for graduate students ONLY. Approved for conference presentations and competitions, currently not approved for research.

Awards up to $750 per graduate student.

Graduate Students can attend conferences more than once up to $750 per student per degree ( in-person or virtual or any combination). 
The submission deadline is the first Friday of each month. Requests will be processed and reviewed by the third Friday of each month.
The Graduate School will complete a budget transfer to the supporting department once supporting documentation has been collected.

Send the following information to
  • Student name
  • UWF Student ID
  • Estimate of cost
 Conference/Competition Information:
  • Name of event
  • Dates
  • Location
  • Description of conference/competition
  • Confirmation of acceptance to the conference/competition
  • Presentation information - title, abstract, author(s)
  • Letter of support from academic chair