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Graduate Dissertation Submission


Mary Ann Scott
Thesis and Dissertation Coordinator
Building 50, Rm 225

Before you Submit your Dissertation:

1. Make sure your dissertation is in pristine condition and that it follows the format requirements outlined in the UWF Thesis and Dissertation Guide.
2. Be sure that your committee chair has initiated the Ph.D. Dissertation Completion form.
3. Save your thesis as a PDF file.

 FOR Ed.D. CANDIDATES ONLY:• Use the template provided to you in the UWF Education Doctorate Canvas course.

  • You will first submit your dissertation to the Doctoral Support and Quality Assurance Center (DSC).
  • When you have polished your dissertation with the help of DSC, DSC will then
    submit your dissertation as a PDF file to the Graduate School via
  • When DSC submits your dissertation to the Graduate School, your committee
    chairperson/advisor should also initiate the Ed.D. Dissertation Completion form.

1. Email the Thesis/Dissertation Coordinator, Mary Ann Scott, at, and request an iThenticate account. Do not set up the account on your own. That will delay the process and subject you to private account fees. You should receive a confirmation email. Follow the instruction to complete your account.
2. Upload your document to iThenticate.
3. Share your report with the Thesis/Dissertation Coordinator.

Deadlines for Submission and Publication

Candidates who wish to participate in graduation at the end of the respective semester must submit their polished document by the deadline designated for Graduation Participation. Any student who submits a dissertation after this deadline will not be eligible to walk in the graduation ceremony for that semester. However, in this case, the student may request to walk in the following semester’s ceremony. For example, if a student submits after the Fall Graduation Participation deadline, they cannot participate in the Fall 2022 graduation but may apply to participate in the Spring 2023 graduation ceremony

Candidates who miss the Graduation Participation deadline may still submit their polished document and verification forms by the Degree Conferral deadline to meet the requirements for final conferral of their degree at the end of the designated semester. That means that the student’s final transcript will show that the degree was awarded at the end of that semester. Please note: final approval for dissertations submitted after the graduation participation deadline but meet the degree conferral deadline will not be processed until after graduation.

Candidates who submit their materials after the Degree Conferral deadline will automatically be assigned to the next semester/session for review and the candidate should register for the next semester/session dissertation credit.

REMINDER: Submission of your dissertation to the Graduate School is the final step towards completing your degree. Your document should be in pristine condition and formatted according to UWF guidelines when submitted for approval. Documents that are submitted with significant writing errors, insufficient or incorrect documentation, or significant formatting issues may be returned for further revisions before the Graduate School can approve them. If a document is returned for extensive/substantive revisions, it may delay the final approval and subsequent date of degree conferral.

Because the summer session is so condensed, there is only one deadline for submission. Any submissions after that date will be reassigned to the fall semester for review.

Dissertation Deadlines 2023 - 2024
Summer 2024 Submit Dissertation and Signed Defense Verifications to the Graduate School (via DSC for Ed.D. candidates) July 1st
Fall 2024 Commencement Participation Oct. 9th
Conferral only Nov. 6th
Spring 2025 Commencement Participation March 5th
Conferral only April 2nd
Summer 2025   July 2nd

Intelligent Systems/Robotics PhD Dissertation Deadlines

Intelligent Systems/Robotics PhD students will submit their dissertation directly to the Graduate School. Pre-Defense Reading requests should be sent via email to the Thesis and Dissertation Coordinator. Final submissions should be submitted through  See the UWF Thesis & Dissertation Guide for further details on the submission process. 
Intelligent Systems/Robotics PhD Dissertation Deadlines

Spring 2024

Pre-Defense Deadline: March 6, 2024 (final post-defense submission due April 3, 2024)

Traditional Deadline: March 13, 2024

Summer 2024

Pre-Defense Deadline:  June 19, 2024 (final post-defense submission due July 24, 2024)

Traditional Deadline: July 8, 2024

Fall 2024

Pre-Defense Deadline: October 16, 2024 (final post-defense submission due April 3, 2024)

Traditional Deadline: October 23, 2024

Spring 2025

Pre-Defense Deadline: March 5, 2025 (final post-defense submission due April 2, 2025)

Traditional Deadline:   March 12, 2025