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Next Steps

Review your next steps in becoming a UWF graduate student

Make sure you have submitted all admission requirements

Visit your Application Status in MyUWF to review your application checklist. Make sure all checklist items have been received. This includes graduate admission test scores, transcripts from all previously attended universities, and departmental admission requirements such as letter of intent and letters of recommendation.

For 2024 applications and forward, go to your Application Portal page to view and upload your checklist items.

Make sure you have submitted your final transcripts

An official transcript reflecting the date of your graduation must be received by Graduate Admissions before you enroll at the University. Review your application checklist and make sure your degree-granting institution's transcripts have been received and the Status is "final."

Make sure your residency status is correct

Check your offer letter or visit your Application Status in MyUWF to make sure your residency status is listed correctly. If it is incorrect, submit all required residency documentation to Graduate Admissions.

Submit your immunization records

All students taking face-to-face courses are required to show proof of having their MMR, Hepatitis B, and Meningitis immunizations.

If you are not taking any face-to-face courses at a UWF campus or location, visit the Immunization Waivers and Exceptions page. If you are enrolled in a face-to-face course, you will be required to submit the immunization documentation through Med+Proctor. Visit Create an Account with Med+Proctor for more information.

Confirm your intent to enroll

You must confirm your admission through your Application Status in MyUWF prior to registering for classes.

For 2024 applications and forward, you should have received an email to confirm your enrollment. Please go to your Application Portal and complete the confirmation form on your portal page.

Review the Graduate School's New Graduate Student Online Orientation

New graduate students are encouraged to attend the online graduate orientation to learn more about UWF, extracurricular opportunities as well as hear from current graduate students, the Graduate Student Advisory Board, and other campus organizations and departments.