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CFGS 2024


UWF is excited to host this year's Conference of Florida Graduate Schools! This event will bring Florida universities, non-SUS, and private institutions together to discuss various academic issues related to graduate education and includes a Statewide Graduate Research Symposium and a Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition.

Monday, April 8, 2024

Welcome by Provost-Dr. Jaromy Kuhl, UWF Provost

Session 1 “Economic Trends that Influence Higher Education in Florida” Nicole Gislason, UWF, Executive Director, HAAS Center for Business Research and Economic Development 

Session 2 “Robotics Research in Intelligent Systems and Robotics” Dr. Hakki Sevil, UWF, Assistant Professor, Intelligent Systems and Robotics

Reception - Keynote Speaker “Graduate Student Health and Wellbeing: Challenges and Opportunities” Dr. Gregory Tomso, UWF, Vice President for the Division of Academic Engagement and Student Affairs

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Session 1 “Grad Cares - Collaborating across Campus to support graduate students” Dr. Judy Traveis, University of Florida, Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Graduate School

Session 2a: “Workforce Development and Research Initiatives at UWF Center for Cybersecurity” Dr. Guillermo Francia, UWF, Director Center for Cybersecurity

Session 2b: “Harnessing IT for the Power of Good: AI as a Tool, its many uses and impact on Academia” Thomas Jonte, Coordinator, UWF STEM/Education Librarian

Statewide Research Poster Symposium

3MT Competition


Social and Behavioral Sciences Category: 
  • Lee, Jiye-University of Miami, 1st Place
    Social and Behavioral Sciences - Objective Measurement of Language in the Preschool Classroom and Home
  • Doyle, Cassidy-University of South Florida, Runner-Up
    Social and Behavioral Sciences - Correlates of Super Aging in Two Population-Based Samples of Hispanic Older Adults
  • Alexander, Chiquitta-University of West Florida
    Social and Behavioral Sciences - Parent’s Experiences Supporting Students with Disabilities Accessing Online Learning During Covid-19
  • Barthes, Hudson-University of West Florida
    Social and Behavioral Sciences - Insights into Work Engagement: Exploring Sensory Processing, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Correlations
  • Cano Diaz, Jacqueline-University of Central Florida
    Social and Behavioral Sciences - Dress to Impress: New Composition Instructors' Interpretations and Embodiment of Professionalism as Displayed through Dress
  • Finley, Mark-Elliot-University of South Florida
    Social and Behavioral Sciences - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Beowulf-Rowling's Beowulfian Analogs and Inversions
Physical Science and Engineering Category: 
  • Taylor, Ruby-University of Miami, 1st Place
    Physical Science and Engineering - Inflammasome proteins as biomarkers of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage
  • Gunatilleke, Wilarachchige-University of South Florida, Runner-up
    Physical Science and Engineering - Elucidating Thermal Properties of Chalcogenide Superionic Conductors for Applications in Solid-State Batteries  
  • Elam, Marshall-University of West Florida
    Physical Science and Engineering - Advancing IDS/IPS Machine Learning: A Comprehensive Approach to Constructing a Controlled Network Security Dataset
  • Hornfeck, Caroline-University of West Florida
    Physical Science and Engineering - Exploring the efficacy of MPAs through the genetic analysis of telomere lengths in Carcharhinus perezi and Ginglymostoma cirratum in the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos
  • Wilson, Daniel-University of West Florida
    Physical Science and Engineering - The Second Generation P-Value: Familiar Inference, Fine-tuned
Health and Life Sciences Category: 
  • Daysalilar, Mertcan-University of Miami, 1st Place
    Health and Life Sciences - Quantifying the Effects of Human Factors on Each Stage of the Operating Room Process Flow
  • Brunelle, Dmitri-University of South Florida, Runner-up
    Health and Life Sciences - Neural Correlates of Temporal Processing Improve Following Treatment with Aldosterone: A Behavioral and  Neurophysiological Approach
  • Mitchell, Emily-University of West Florida
    Health and Life Sciences - Prevalence of Infant Mortality in Madison County, Florida

  • Zamitalo, Alexandra-1st Place
    Intraocular Marvels: Revolutionizing Techniques for Understanding Glaucoma
    University of South Florida
  • De La Vega Taboada, Eduardo-Runner-up
    Using Citizen Sciences To Empower Adolescents By Co-Transforming Their Environments
    Florida International University 
  • Ahlness, Kayla-People's Choice Winner
    Why You Buggin' Out: Does Seasonality Drive Insectivory in a Mixed-Species Group of African Monkeys?
    Florida Atlantic University
  • Cedeno-Lopez, Melanie
    La Buena Cosecha
    University of Central Florida
  • Cook, Joshua
    A Novel Approach to Predicting Clinical Trial Outcomes
    University of West Florida
  • McDonald, Christian
    An eIF2-independent mechanism of translation initiation in KSHV replication and oncogenesis
    University of Miami
  • Torres, Jr., Luis
    Fossil Record Fixes: Preservational Biases in Echinoids and Mollusks
    University of Florida
  • Yim, Hysoon
    Social Media Intervention for Promoting Sport Participation among Older Adults: Application of the Socioemotional Selectivity Theory
    Florida State University