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Repurpose Your Passion: Bring your expertise into the classroom with an alternative teacher certification

August 23, 2023 | Tatiana Keith

Tatiana Keith, TeacherReady graduate in front of classroom background


I Never Thought I Would Be A Teacher

I never thought I would be a teacher. I didn’t major in education and my college degree had nothing to do with working with students. After graduation, I realized my chosen degree no longer fit my goals. I wanted to make a difference in the world with a lasting, fulfilling career. I also knew there was a lack of qualified teachers in the job market. 

I have always had a passion for learning, and I couldn’t help but remember the impact some of my teachers left on me. Those who engaged my classes with their excitement ignited a spark of curiosity and enthusiasm among their students. Many had previously been professionals in the workforce or military Veterans, and their passion for teaching was infectious. After deep thought, my experiences with these teachers inspired me to become an educator.

I began exploring how to become a teacher and came across TeacherReady—a teaching certification program accredited by the University of West Florida. TeacherReady caught my attention with its unique pathway to teaching, even without an education degree.

TeacherReady intrigued me with its accessible approach to teacher certification. The program is designed to accommodate STEM professionals, recent college graduates and military Veterans seeking to repurpose their skills and passions into the teaching profession. I could even start taking TeacherReady’s online courses exactly when I wanted. 

When I think back to the teachers who made the biggest impression on me, the most vivid are those who repurposed their passions into teaching. Their unique perspectives and expertise enrich the learning experience for all their students. These teachers made topics captivating; they imparted knowledge but taught us to think critically and to confidently approach problem-solving. 

Like me, these educators embraced their skills and love for learning and shared it with others. The TeacherReady certification program helped me to be the best teacher I could be. 

So, to all the STEM experts, recent grads, and military Veterans who found renewed purpose in teaching, thank you for catalyzing my teaching journey. Your commitment to education made a lasting impression, one I hope I also imparted to the students in my classroom.

I’m so glad to have had teachers who inspired me, and I’m grateful to have found TeacherReady to guide me to my teaching career. The personalized approach, practical classroom experience, advisor support and guidance helped me through the certification process. 

It takes dedication, commitment and unwavering passion to shape the world one student at a time. That’s why after a fulfilling teaching career, I joined the TeacherReady team to help others like me find a way to the classroom. I am now proud to serve as the Director of Programs for TeacherReady, where I can help people like you make a difference in the lives of young learners with rewarding and impactful careers in education.

Are you interested in turning your expertise into a new purpose? Repurpose your passion and impact the lives of tomorrow’s leaders in the TeacherReady program at the University of West Florida. Learn more about TeacherReady today >