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Student and Alumni Spotlights

The Reubin O'D. Askew Department of Government would like to recognize Students and Alumni for their outstanding accomplishments and achievements!

A student in graduation regalia stands next to a sign that says
Giulia Marques Negrão de Almeida, B.A. Political Science and International Studies, 2023

World Languages Student Spotlight

Learning a different language has always been part of my life, from when I was a child learning English at elementary school, to being able to fully understand a movie with no subtitles a few years later. However, what I did not know at the time is that languages open new doors and create paths in life that otherwise would not be possible. Once I started studying at UWF, I fully realized how much learning a new language had changed my life so I wanted to continue and see what doors might open by learning other languages. When I decided to take French and Italian I did not know how that would turn out, but learning a foreign language at the university level is very different than when you are a child. It is more challenging. However, in some ways, it is more enjoyable. Many might not consider taking a second language while pursuing a college degree, but I believe it can only bring benefits, no matter what area one is studying. One of those benefits is improving your first language. Learning a new language also opens your mind to different world perspectives. It is not only about the language itself, but the culture and reasoning behind every new word and conjugation you learn. My only regret is not starting to learn new languages earlier.

Giulia Marques Negrão de Almeida, B.A. Political Science and International Studies, 2023

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Abigail Megginson - Dir. Communications

Undergraduate Student Spotlight

Abigail Megginson is a Honors students, majoring in both Political Science and Journalism here at UWF. She established a Her Campus chapter at UWF in 2016 and recently she has been working with the University on an initiative called Suit Up. We asked her about these initiatives and why she decided to do them. We also asked about her future goals and if she had any advisor for other students looking to be more involved. Check out what she had to say:  Student Spotlight

Graduate Student Spotlight

Joseph Haber is an online Graduate student in the Political Science Graduate Program. He is also a civics teachers in Jacksonville, FL. Joe was recently named Teacher of the Year for Osceola county by the Florida Council for the Social Studies! Check out what he had to say: Graduate Student Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight

Ayla Green graduated from the University of West Florida with her B.A. in History in 2015 and her M.A. in Political Science in 2017. She is currently working as an instructor at the University of West Florida teaching American Politics online and as an instructor at Pensacola State College teaching American Government. She is also an intern for the Costal Alabama Business Chamber. Check out what she had to say: Alumni Spotlight

Spotlight Nomination

We are always interested in hearing was our students and alumni are doing. If you would like to be featured in one of our spotlights or if you would like to nominate a student or alumni please email us at

Outstanding Students

Each year undergraduate and graduate students are nominated by the department faculty to receive the Outstanding Undergraduate and Outstanding Graduate awards. For a list of past winners check out the Outstanding Students page.