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Field Schools

UWF's field schools allow students to gain hands on experience in Forensic Anthropology, Terrestrial and Maritime Archaeology. Information about our 2022 field schools will be coming soon!

Several forensic archaeology field school students work on excavating a plastic model of a human skeleton as part of the 2021 UWF Forensic Field School
Please note that the skeletal remains depicted in the image are plastic models

Forensic Anthropology Field School

The Forensic Anthropology Field School will be held on the UWF Pensacola campus. The major goal of the 5-week field school is to train students in standard forensic methods for the discovery, documentation, and recovery of human skeletal remains. Students will learn to apply basic methods of archaeological mapping and excavation to simulated forensic scenes involving both surface-scattered and buried skeletal remains. They will also learn to distinguish human from non-human remains and gain experience with explicitly forensic procedures of evidence recovery, such as evidence documentation and collection, site security, and the use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for different simulated scenarios.


Archaeology Field Schools

During the summer, field school students will be exposed to a broad range of archaeological field techniques, ranging from excavation and survey, to scale drawing and record-keeping. Demonstrations will include remote sensing, photography, and digital mapping. Field schools are open to current UWF students, students from other institutions as well as non-degree seeking students.