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Info for Current Graduate Students

Below are useful forms and links to help in different steps of your graduate career

UWF requires completion of a thesis before awarding the M.A. degree in either Anthropology or Historical Archaeology. Prior to undertaking the thesis, students should have completed a number of courses, selected a thesis advisor, formed a thesis committee, and written a thesis prospectus that includes a plan for securing funding, if necessary. These links and forms serve to guide students through the process. Each student, however, is encouraged to discuss progress with his or her advisor on a regular basis.


The following checklists include the course requirements for each of the two M.A. tracks. The student will complete 33 hours of coursework along with three or more thesis hours.

Thesis Forms

  1. Thesis Advisor Form (PDF) - Your first step towards a thesis is to select an advisor. Your advisor can be any UWF anthropology faculty member who holds a PhD. Fill out this form so that we have a record of this new advisor-student relationship.
  2. Thesis Committee Form - After consultation with your thesis advisor, you will select a thesis committee.
    1. Thesis Committee Form - General Anthro (PDF): You will need at least one additional anthropology faculty who holds a graduate degree and another member who holds a graduate degree in anthropology or a related field.
    2. Thesis Committee Form - Historical Arch (PDF): you will need one additional anthropology faculty member with a graduate degree and one with a degree in history.
  3. 2015 prospectus guidelines (PDF) - Once your committee is formed and you have discussed a project with your advisor, you will need to write a prospectus. This document will help guide you through the expectations for the prospectus.
  4. Prospectus Approval Form (PDF) - When all members of your committee have seen and approved your prospectus, this form will need to be completed.

Unless otherwise indicated, completed forms need to be turned in to Cindi Rogers, the Anthropology Department Office Coordinator.

Thesis Defense

Each student is required to defend his or her thesis by giving a short talk for the thesis committee and other interested people. A full draft of your thesis, including bibliography and tables, should be submitted to your committee at least two weeks before the intended defense date. An announcement and flyer for the talk will be made by the anthropology office staff.

UWF Graduate School Requirements, Forms, and Workshops