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Why should you choose to get a degree an Anthropology, what careers are available, and what skills do anthropologists have that employers want

Is Anthropology a good choice for you?

  • Do you find yourself observing what people say and don't say? What they wear? How they act? Anthropology majors learn clear, precise record-keeping skills and have to be attentive to detail.
  • Do you ever wonder how we know what we know? Anthropologists learn analytical reading and critical thinking skills that employers want to see on the job market. We read between the lines of a text, we question the author's biases and the cultural context in which the ideas formed, including our own.
  • Do you like traveling, meeting new people, and having new experiences?Anthropologists learn how to deal with unfamiliar social sociations -- new languages, new rules for communication with people from all over the world. We do this through participation in addition to observation so that we can understand where others are coming from.

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, the UWF Anthropology program may be a good fit for you because...

  • while UWF is a moderate-size university (10,000+ students), the Anthropology program is large.
  • Anthropology is a high-profile program locally, regionally, and nationally, as well as on campus.
  • we specialize in hands-on experience in archaeology (terrestrial and underwater), biological anthropology (forensics and bioarchaeology), and cultural anthropology (ethnography).
  • we involve students in all projects.
  • our underwater archaeology focus is the most active in the country.
  • we are national leaders in public archaeology and the headquarters of the state-wide Florida Public Archaeology Network.
  • no other program supports master's graduate students like we do.
  • 90% of our master's graduates are employed in their field or are accepted into doctoral programs.

But what can I do with anthropology? Will I get a job?

Are you planning to go into the fields of medicine, business, or teaching after graduation? If so, a degree in Anthropology could be very useful


What kind of careers are available to Archaeology Majors
List of possible careers
Open the door to these careers with an Anthropology degree
Advertising Strategist






City Manager & Planning

CIA Agent


Cultural Resource Management

Law Enforcement Officers

Marketing Strategist

Medicolegal Death Investigator

Museum Director

Public Health

Records Manager

Forensic Anthropologist

Heritage Manager

User Experience (UX) Researcher

Social Worker

Additional Anthropology Careers and skills

Anthropology is useful for anyone whose future job will require them to develop the interpersonal and communication skills necessary to work with the public.

Students have been receiving bachelor's degrees in anthropology at UWF since 1984 and master's degrees since 1997. They have gone on to successful careers in private business, government and civil service, non-profit organizations, military service, and academia. Our Alumni Spotlights highlight just some of our students' success stories.

Student Jobs: Because UWF has an active anthropology program, we help our anthropology majors find jobs. Many of our students have career-related jobs, allowing them to gain valuable experience while getting paid.


Come join our dynamic, active Anthropology program!

For more information contact the Anthropology Department or come visit us on the first floor of Building 13.