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Billing and Insurance

UWF does not require proof of insurance (with some specific exceptions), nor does Student Health Services bill insurance for services provided, but we highly recommend that students have coverage.

If you need to be referred to a specialist and/or need diagnostic testing that we do not offer, it is helpful to have insurance to help cover those costs.

If you are on your parent's health care plan, make sure that you have "away from home" coverage if you do not live locally. You will need a copy of their insurance card and a copy of their prescription card if applicable.

If you are not otherwise covered, you should consider purchasing a health insurance policy from an established provider. Visit for more information.

Billing Questions

If you have questions about your billing for a service or testing, please contact our office at 850.474.2172.

UWF SHS Clinic Costs

Please be advised these are estimated costs and are subject to change.

Injury Supplies
Supplies Price
ace wrap $10
ankle brace $20
arm sling $15
crutches, aluminum $30
elbow sleeve $10
finger splint $10
knee brace $20
knee support $12
wrist brace $15

In-House Medications
In-House Medications Price
azithromycin (1gm) $10
Benadryl oral $3
Decadron (10mg) $20
Depo-Medrol Injection (40mg) $28
Dextrose (50%) $18
Epinephrine (up to 1 ml ampule) $20
Lidocaine 1% (10mg/ml, without epinephrine) $3
Lidocaine with Epinephrine 1:100,00 $25
Nebulizer treatment $10
Phenergan Injection $30
Rocephin (1gm) Injection $25
Rocephin (250 mg) Injection $18
Rocephin (500 mg) Injection $25
Toradol Injection $18
TCA-Wart Deconstruction $ 15

Immunizations Price
Hepatitis B vaccine, adult dosage, for IM use $79
Hepatitis B vaccine, pediatric/adolescent dosage (3 dose schedule), for IM use $35
Influenza vaccine $20
MMR vaccine, live for SC use $95
Tdap vaccine $55
TB skin test $25

In-House Lab Testing
In-House Lab Price
Accucheck (fingerstick) $6
Hemoccult Card-Stool $10
Monospot $10
Strep Screen, Group A $10
Trichomonas Vaginalis Quick Test $15
Urinalysis; In-house $8
Urine pregnancy screen; in-house $8
Covid-19+Flu A/B $20

Common Outgoing Labs
Common Outgoing Labs Price
Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) $10
CBC and automated diff $10
Chamydia/GC Amplication $35
ESR $12
HIV 1/0/2 Antigen/Antibody with cascade reflex $18
HSV 1 and 2 $15
HSV culture-Vesicular $35
Lipid Panel with LDL/HDL Ratio $10
Pap w GC-Under 30 y/o $54
Pap w GC- 30 y/o and older $100
Pap-Under 30 y/o $35
Pap-30 y/o and older $125
HPV read (if abnormal pap) $65
RPR with reflex (syphilis) $10
TSH Reflex on abnormal to Free T4 $20

Other Outgoing Labs
Other Outgoing Labs Price
ALT $15
AST $15
Amylase $15
ANA w/reflex $15
Bilirubin; direct
Bilirubin; total
blood culture
C. Diff-Toxins (stool)
CBC-Hemogram, No differential/Platelet
Chlamydia/GC/ NAA, Rectal
Chlamydia/GC/M. Genitalium, Swab NAA
Chlamydia/GC/M. Genitalium, Urine NAA
Chlamydia/ Gonorrhea NAA, Pharyngeal
Culture-Aerobic Bacteria-Eye, Wound, Abscess, general
Culture-Anaerobic and Aerobic Culture-Wound
Culture-Genital, Routine
Culture-Throat, Ear, Nose, NP-upper respiratory
Drug Profile, Urine, 9 drugs
Fecal occult blood
Folic acid, serum
FSH and LH
Glucose, blood
HCG, Pregnancy-serum (quantitative)
H. pylori; IgM antibody serum
H. pylori; IgG antibody serum
Hemoglobin A1C
Hepatic Function Panel
Hepatitis B Surface antibody (TITER)
Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
Hepatitis Panel
HPV, high-risk $65
HSV Culture-Vesicular
Iron $12
LH $18
Measles IgG Antibody; rubeola (Titer)
Microalbumin; random urine, quantitative
Mumps IgG antibody (Titer)
Mycoplasma Genital SWAB, NAA
Mycoplasma Genital Urine, NAA
OCP's -Ova + Parasite Exam
Prolactin $30
PT and PTT
PT/INR $10
PTT $4
Retic Count $12
Rheumatoid factor, quantitative
Rubella IgG Antibody; rubella (TITER)
Stool Culture
Testosterone; total
Thyroid panel with TSH
Throxine, free (T4) $20
Thyroxine, reflex-free (T4), abnormal TSH charge
Thyroxine, total (T4)
TSH Only-No reflex $20
Urinalysis, routine-LABCORP
Urine Culture
Varicella Antibody; TITER, varicella zoster
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 and Folate
Vitamin D, 25-hydroxy