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Our Vision, Mission, and Values

Student Engagement fosters students’ development, connection to the campus community and collegiate success by providing a range of programs, services and opportunities supportive of an engaging and dynamic campus life.


We believe a connected, dynamic, and vibrant campus life supports students’ success and well-being.


We seek to offer extraordinary events and experiences that promote students' retention and persistence to graduation by way of high-impact experiences, social integration, and institutional commitment; foster students' career readiness; and cultivate communities of support among a wide variety of campus and community stakeholders.


  • Stewardship: We will honor the resources with which we are entrusted.
  • Innovation: We will leverage creativity, technology, and industry knowledge for the benefit of our students and community.
  • Student Benefit: We will prioritize the learning, growth, success, and positive experience of all students.
  • Collaboration: We will work hand-in-hand with student, campus, and community partners in service of our mission.
  • Inclusion and Equity: We will identify and confront barriers and obstacles related to students’ identities in service of inclusion and equity.
  • Informed Practice: We will utilize industry-knowledge and evidence to advance students’ learning and development.
  • Operational Excellence: We will utilize documentation, processes, and organization to promote efficiency, effectiveness, and continuous improvement.