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Student Leadership Development

Student Leadership Development educates students regarding the skills and perspectives needed for socially responsible leadership in the 21st century through educational and experiential opportunities.

We believe in the limitless possibilities of each UWF student. Because of this, we believe that leadership is learned and practiced. We believe that leadership is relational in nature. We believe that leadership is an ethic, a skill set, and a performance art. We believe that leadership is action. Finally, we believe that leadership is a process. Through our services, programs and initiatives, we seek to help students understand their experiences, facilitate and enhance student learning, and to challenge our students to seek their limitless possibilities within the University and the larger community.


We envision a campus community in which students engage in authentic, responsible leadership for the betterment of their self, their organizations, and their communities.

Program Review

In Spring 2014, Leadership and Service completed a Council for Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) Program Review. We welcome you to view the  Leadership and Service CAS Review Final Report