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Absence Verification

Unforeseen events or circumstances may occur that cause a student to be absent from class. If these issues arise, you may be required to submit an Absence Verification Form.

Submit an Absence Verification Form

If unforeseen circumstances arise, students are encouraged to notify their instructors as soon as possible in order to apprise them of the circumstances leading to their absence from classes and to develop a plan, with a timeline, to make up missed coursework. Professors may require students to provide documentation to the Dean of Students Office following an absence. If required, students should submit an Absence Verification Form.

Please allow up to two business days for the Dean of Students Office to review your request. If the documentation appears sufficient to establish verification of the legitimacy of the absences, the Dean of Students Office will send a memo to you and your instructor(s) that you have provided sufficient documentation. The handling of any excuses and makeup work for absences is left to the discretion of the professor responsible for the course.

Submit an Absence Verification Form