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Meet With Us

If you’re a student facing challenges and concerns that are interfering with your success, the Dean of Students Office encourages you to request an in-person or virtual meeting with a staff member. 

Meeting with the Dean of Students Office

During your first meeting, you and the Dean of Students staff member will identify and discuss the concerns that you are having. The staff member will work with you to identify possible options and supports by discussing both on and off-campus resources. In addition, they can assist students in navigating the University and help provide an understanding of University policies and procedures. 

A Dean of Students staff member can help you develop a plan and next steps. Depending on your circumstances, meetings may occur once or may require additional check-ins. These check-ins occur periodically throughout the academic year and are based on the needs of the student. 

To schedule a meeting, please contact the Dean of Students Office at or call 850.474.2384.