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Emergency Student Assistance

The Dean of Students Office supports students experiencing financial challenges in order for students to continue their education at UWF. Students experiencing financial hardship may seek assistance through the student emergency support fund. Assistance may be available as funding permits.

Emergency Assistance Eligibility and Process

Please review the following eligibility requirements to receive Emergency Student Support:

  • You must have experienced an unexpected emergency that impacts your ability to maintain your basic needs such as rent, utilities, food, etc. 
  • You have exhausted other scholarship and financial aid options, including student loans
  • You are in good disciplinary standing with the University and have no pending conduct action
  • You have not received emergency assistance in the last 6 months

 Emergency Student Support will not be approved for requests including the following:

  • Tuition and/or fees
  • Health Insurance
  • Non-essential utilities
  • Parking tickets or fines
  • Anticipated and non-emergency expenses
  • Expenditures resulting from poor financial management 

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