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Student Medical Withdrawal

The University grants students a time frame to withdraw from courses with no academic penalty. Withdrawals after this time frame are not permitted except in extenuating circumstances, one of which being when an individual is experiencing a physical or psychological condition that significantly impairs their ability to function successfully or safely as a student at the University of West Florida.

Submit a Medical Withdrawal

The purpose of the medical withdrawal is to allow the student time away to focus on their health before returning to the classroom and campus community.  

A medical withdrawal will only be granted in a current semester (or the semester that just ended for post-term appeals) and will not be approved retroactively for any prior semesters. Additionally, a medical withdrawal will not be granted a second time in a future term for recurring or chronic conditions.

Submit a Medical Withdraw

The Student's Responsibility

While the office of the Dean of Students coordinates the process, it is the student's responsibility to consider their options, understand the process and fulfill all requirements. Please review the medical withdrawal requirements and additional information below.

Students who need to withdraw after the University’s withdrawal period due to medical reasons (mental health, chronic illness, etc.) may request a medical withdrawal. 

The student must complete the following through MyUWF to be considered for a medical withdrawal:

  1. Search “Medical Withdrawal” in MyUWF. 
  2. Attach the following documents with your submission:
    1. A personal statement explaining the reason for your request.
    2. Documentation from a healthcare provider
    3. Documentation must be signed and dated on letterhead from the health care provider. Note: hospital bills, medical records, insurance papers and x-ray results are not acceptable forms of medical documentation.
    4. Documentation must include the diagnosis and prognosis related to the medical condition.

Review the Medical Withdraw Provider Instructions.

Please note: Medical concerns of family members will not be considered for medical withdrawal requests. Please visit the Registrar's webpage for information on UWF's Withdrawal Policies and Procedures. 

  • Students receiving financial aid benefits should contact the Office of Student Financial Aid and/or the Military & Veterans Resource Center prior to completing a medical withdrawal. 
  • Requests for prior semester withdrawals must be submitted within six (6) months of the end of the semester for which the withdrawal is being requested. 
  • The medical withdrawal process does not address refunds. If your medical withdrawal is approved, and you would like to request a refund of tuition and fees, please follow the University's Fee Appeal Process. Refunds will generally not be considered for withdrawals after the semester has ended. 
  • Once your medical withdrawal has been reviewed, you will receive an email regarding the status of your request.