Whom Do I Contact?

Below you will find contact information for who to contact, sorted by their responsibilities in the Office of the Registrar.

Office of the Registrar 850-474-2244

Academic Common Market Eddie Rogers, ext. 2238
Address Changes Argo Centralargocentral@uwf.edu, 850-857-6248
Appeals, Academic Eddie Rogers, ext. 2238
Appeals, Fee Student Accounts Office, ext. 3038
Athletic Certification Kendra Loucks, ext. 3389
Common Course Numbering Carolyn Beamer, ext. 2228
Curriculum Change Requests Carolyn Beamer, ext. 2228
Class and Room Scheduling Kendra Loucks, ext. 3389
Course Level Changes (formerly Course Annotations) graduation@uwf.edu
Degree Verification National Student Clearinghouse (Degree Verify)
Dual Enrollment Registration (High School) Eddie Rogers, ext. 2238
Enrollment Certification Kim Peck, ext. 2249

Enrollment Statistics

Julie Glasco, ext. 2988

Excess Hours

Adam Burgess, ext. 3383
Exchange Students (incoming & outgoing) Kelly Dieckmann, ext. 3370
Grade Changes Instructions for Faculty, ext. 2244
Grade Entry (for Faculty) Eddie Rogers, ext. 2238
Graduation graduation@uwf.edu
Major/Minor Changes Julie Glasco, ext. 2988
Privacy Act Ann Dziadon, 857-6248
Probation/Suspension/ Academic Reinstatement Eddie Rogers, ext. 2238
Proficiency Exams Anna Fair, ext. 2247
Public Records Request Ann Dziadon, 857-6248
Registration, General (Add/drop, errors, time tickets) Argo Centralargocentral@uwf.edu
Registration, Independent Study, Internship, Directed Study, Thesis Kendra Loucks, ext. 3389
Reinstatement after Removal for Non-Payment Eddie Rogers, ext. 2238
Repeat Course Surcharge Eddie Rogers, ext. 2238
Report Requests Ann Dziadon, 857-6248
Residency Reclassification Eddie Rogers, ext. 2238
Social Security Number Changes registrar@uwf.edu, ext. 2244
Transcripts Outgoing (UWF) Carla Bohlman, ext. 2643
Transient Student Information Kim Peck, ext. 2249
Tuition Fee Waivers, State Employee & Senior Citizen Kim Peck, ext. 2249
Withdrawals Julie Glasco, ext. 2988