Employees Separating from the University

The information on this webpage is intended to serve as a guide to help supervisors when they have an employee leaving the university.

Supervisor Tasks

Employees leave the university for a variety of reasons. Your employee may be resigning or retiring or the employee may be leaving because their OPS or time-limited position has ended. In some instances, however, separation is involuntary. Human Resources should always be contacted prior to taking any action to separate a University Work Force employee.

Supervisors should immediately:

  • Request a written letter of resignation from retiring and resigning employees.
  • Give your employee a letter acknowledging acceptance of their resignation and verifying the date.
  • Work with your employee to develop a transition plan. Ask questions. Make a comprehensive list of their regular (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) duties and review any unfinished projects so you can decide who should take over these duties in the short-term. Now is also a good time to review and make any changes necessary to the employee's job description in the event you intend to recruit for a replacement.
  • Notify your Office Administrator (or Business Manager) of the need for a Personnel Action Form. They will need to know the effective date and reason for termination (i.e., retirement, resignation, end of appointment, termination during position orientation year, non-reappointment, layoff, deceased, separation with advanced notice). Copies of the resignation letter and acknowledgment letter should be included with the Personnel Action Form.
  • Notify HR Processing/Records immediately if this is a retroactive termination on a salaried employee due to the potential for overpayment.
  • Ensure that your employee submits their final time sheet or leave report and approve all outstanding reports so their remaining leave can be properly calculated.
  • Confirm (if a supervisor or time sheet approver) that they have approved all of their employee's time sheets and Leave Reports before their last day. If this position is not going to be immediately filled, line employees reporting to this position will need to submit a Supervisor Change Request using the Employment/Position Management app in MyUWF to update their supervisor of record. If the terminating employee was an OPS time sheet approver (usually Office Administrator positions), the Department Manager will need to contact HR Processing/Records to discuss who will approve future OPS time sheets.
  • Initiate the Separation Clearance Form‌ and schedule a time for your employee to obtain the clearance signatures. This form must be turned in to Human Resources before their final leave payout will be released.
  • Ask your employee to set an out-of-office reply on their email and voicemail stating that they have left the university and directing senders to another employee.