Update My Personal Info

Located on this webpage is information to assist employees who need to change their name or update their employee home address, campus address, or emergency contact.

Change My Name:

  • Stop by the Human Resources Office with your new Social Security card or a copy. This is required before we can update your name in our payroll system. To avoid social security mismatches, we must ensure that the name in our payroll system matches the name on file with the Social Security Administration. One of our HR Processing/Records team members will update your Form I-9, make a copy of your card, and update your name in our Payroll system.
  • Complete a new W-4‌. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires that the name on the Social Security card match the name on the W-4 and W-2 forms. If your name change is due to a marriage or divorce, then your withholding status (single; married; or married, but withhold at higher single rate) and possibly your number of allowances will need to be updated. Your W-4 address may also need to be updated.
  • Complete a new Direct Deposit Authorization‌ if the name on your bank account has changed.

Note: When your name is changed in our payroll system, it updates the People First (State of Florida benefits plan administrator) overnight so your name will be updated with your insurance carriers.

Update My Campus or Home Address:

  • Log into MyUWF
  • Search for the "Contact and Privacy Information" app
  • Go to the "Employee Addresses" tab
  • Make changes to the appropriate address and phone
  • Save

Update My Emergency Contact:

  • Log into MyUWF
  • Search for the "Contact and Privacy Information" app
  • Go to the "Emergency Contact" tab
  • Make changes
  • Save
Fill out my online form.