Performance Evaluations

The University of West Florida is committed to employee development through the utilization of employee evaluation programs. This program is used to acknowledge performance, to communicate performance effectiveness, to aid in improving performance in assigned duties, and to promote career enhancement. Employees shall be provided with a current position description and a list of goals, objectives, and/or standards at the time of appointment to their position.

The review period for Annual Performance Evaluations is July through June. Objectives for the next year are outlined during the performance appraisal process. Employees and managers will have until September 30 each year to submit evaluations.

UWF has three types of evaluations:

  • Position Orientation
    • All University Work Force employees shall be evaluated at the end of their position orientation year.
  • Annual
    • Employees shall be evaluated annually in July by their immediate supervisor.
  • Special
    • May be initiated whenever the immediate supervisor determines the employee’s performance has changed from the rating level reflected on the most recent evaluation.

In order to complete a Performance Evaluation, employees should visit the PeopleAdmin 7 (PA7 online system for completing performance evaluations). If you require assistance in using the system, Human Resources has a Performance Management PowerPoint. Additional questions may be sent to LaBratta Epting at 850-474-2292.

Additional Performance Evaluation Materials