Divisional/Departmental PPACA Tool Box

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) Compliance

  • The University of West Florida, through the Department of Management Services, offers the Health Investor/High Deductible (HI/HD) Health plan which complies with the affordability requirement of the PPACA. Under this plan, an employee’s share of the premium for employer-provided coverage would cost the employee less than 9.5% of that employee’s annual household income. Per PPACA, this coverage is considered affordable for all employees.
  • Line established positions (non-OPS) are eligible for health insurance, with the rate for part time (less than .75 FTE) pro-rated.  
  • OPS employees who will work an average of 30 or more hours per week are offered coverage by People First Service Center.
  • The University reports full time equivalencies (FTE) and hours worked to People First for each pay period. For Adjuncts, the calculation for hours reported is as follows: 1 classroom hour equals 3 hours reported. (Ex. Teaching 10 or more credit hours will be considered full time.)
  • Employees working in multiple departments are considered to have one employer and if the total hours equal 30 or more the employee may become eligible for health insurance and the cost will be prorated and charged to each department proportionally. HR and ITS have provided a tool for monitoring those working in multiple positions: “OHR000099  List All Positions for an Employee”. This allows departments to determine the potential health insurance eligibility prior to making offers of employment. Human Resources offers assistance to determine if potential job candidates are dual employed with other state agencies which may also trigger health insurance eligibility.

 Information Navigator report "OHR000099 List All Positions for an Employee” access steps:

Go to:  https://my.uwf.edu/
User Name and Password
Employee Resources
Information Navigator
Select: OHR000099

Florida Department of Management Services (DMS) - Division of State Group Insurance (DSGI)

Health Insurance Rates

12 Month Employees
Category   PPO/HMO Standard PPO/HMO High Deductible
  Coverage Type  Employer Employee Total Employer Employee HSA Total
Full-Time Employees

Single $321.42 $25.00 $346.42 $300.59 $7.50 $20.83 $328.92
Family $689.80 $90.00 $779.80 $648.14 $32.15 $41.66 $721.95
Spouse - Ins $382.40 $7.50 $389.90 $311.82 $7.50 $41.66 $360.98
Spouse - Dep $382.40 $7.50 $389.90 $353.48 $7.50 $0.00 $360.98
Exec/Srv Single $342.25 $4.17 $346.42 $303.92 $4.17 $20.83 $328.92
Exec/Srv Family $764.80 $15.00 $779.80 $665.29 $15.00 $41.66 $721.95

Additional Information

Presentation on OPS Employee State Group Insurance Benefits Orientation