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UWF STEM Scholars

The UWF STEM Scholars Program at the University of West Florida (UWF) is sponsored by UWF and the Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering. This program supports first time in college (FTIC) undergraduate students with a declared major in Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering and has shown a high level of academic achievement.

Program Overview

As a program under the umbrella of the Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering (HMCSE), UWF STEM Scholars is designed to help incoming freshman STEM students succeed at UWF. Scholars accepted into the program receive a scholarship to provide full tuition per year, renewable for up to four years, as well as many additional support resources from peers and faculty.

Students attend STEM for Life Seminars throughout each semester that focus on different content depending on the year. Topics include college survival skills, maximizing college, scientific literature and research skills, research and communication skills, career prep, and Life after UWF.

Program Requirements:

  • Be a current UWF student and are a First Time in College (FTIC) student.
  • Have the ability to earn an undergraduate degree from UWF in a declared major in Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering within 4 years of entering UWF.
  • Meet minimum GPA requirement specified in the application for respective students, incoming freshman or current UWF students
  • Plan to pursue a graduate degree or enter the workforce in a STEM field.
  • Submit a housing application to live in the STEM Living Learning Community.

Meet our Faculty Mentors

The goals of our Faculty Mentors are to provide support to students, monitor and meet with students each semester, coordinate and Instruct STEM for Life Seminars and, help guide students in their academic career.


Karen Molek

"I am a faculty mentor because the opportunity to advocate, support, inspire, mentor, teach, and empower students to meet their potential is unparalleled and life-changing. Helping students overcome barriers and obstacles to achieve their desired success and career path beyond UWF is worth every minute. "

Karen's Profile


Erica Taylor

"I am a faculty mentor because I can pay forward the encouragement, support, and guidance that I was provided during my undergraduate journey as I was trying to figure out everything from career to life."

Erica's Profile




Lauren Rex

"I am a faculty mentor because I get to support students in their success! I enjoy helping them both navigate the STEM education programs and helping them overcome obstacles in pursuit of a career."

 Lauren's Profile

Caroline Sangeetha John

Caroline Sangeetha John

"I am a faculty mentor because I believe student engagement will lead to successful career growth"

Caroline's Profile

Brandon Fultz

Brandon Fultz

"I am a faculty mentor because not everyone was born with access to the personal support group and tools that are needed to be successful in a challenging field like STEM."

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Bhuvaneswari Ramachandran

Bhuvaneswari Ramachandran

"I am a faculty mentor because of my own experience with mentors. My mentors helped me at every stage of my life, to discover my talents and strengths, and provided me with the support and encouragement that I needed to become successful. Likewise I would like to share my knowledge and experience to encourage my mentees, that their sparks warrant a spot on this earth and can lead to a future of endless possibilities."  

Bhuvana's Profile


Meet our Peer Mentors

2023-2024 Peer Mentors
Year 2 - 2023-2024

From top left to bottom right: Hannah Roscom, Rosemary Nguyen, Matthew Hirst, Martha Londoni, Korrie Brown, Angel Celis, Piper Hasenberg, Josh Tyrell, Emma Mensen, Ryder Swan, Katie Balent, Shay Hoskisson, Brianna Nicholson, Austin Killough. 

Not Pictured: Grady Wright, Trent booker, Ethan Shelstad, Daesha Henry, Isabelle Sallberg
A group of 12 students in the lobby of 58C
Year 1 (2022-2023)

From top left to bottom right: Austin Killough (Cybersecurity), Piper Hasenberg (Mathematics), Ethan Richardson (Earth and Environmental Science), Korrie Brown (Marine Biology), Trent Booker (Mechnical Engineering), Sarafina Mowe (Marine Biology), Jasmine Corpuz (Biomedical Sciences), Rosemary Nguyen (Biochemistry), Stathi Sneeder (Biomedical Sciences), Josh Tyrrell (Cybersecurity), Kieu Tran (Biomedical Sciences), and Katie Balent (Electrical Engineering)


It helped in getting me out there more; we had to spread our wings and were pushed to go talk to profs, go ask about internships or research. It was terrifying at first but now I have confidence. I think this will help me throughout my life not just in school.


S-STEM Scholar

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Karen S. Molek
Chair and Professor, Chemistry
Administrative Fellow for Student Engagement, Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering
UWF STEM Scholars, MARC U*STAR Scholars and Chemistry Scholars Program Director

Meagan Russell
HMCSE STEM Assistant Director
Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering