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Become a Mentor

Ever want to use your experiences, skills, and knowledge to help the next generation of leaders? Now is the time and now you can! Become a Mentor to prepare UWF students to enter the workplace.

The purpose of the STEM Mentor Program is to promote the success of traditionally underrepresented groups within the fields of science and engineering and is structured and designed with the limited schedule of a working professional in mind.  The time commitment required is typically no more than an hour or two a month.

We recruit mentors who want to develop a relationship of trust and respect.

Become a Mentor

A Mentor's Role

Serving as a mentor provides an opportunity for working professionals to share their experience, knowledge, and skills with UWF students who are preparing to enter the workforce. The mentor will act as a coach and role model to support a student with his or her personal and professional growth. The program provides a wonderful opportunity for mentors to counsel and influence the next generation of leaders.

Benefits of Being a Mentor

  • Provides a sense of gratification in helping the next generation and contributing to the development of colleagues
  • Develops skills as a teacher, guide, and advisor
  • Extends network of colleagues and builds community
  • Supports use and development of key competencies leading to growth
  • Encourages renewed ideas and perspectives on one's leadership role
  • Reviews accomplishments and challenges to share lessons learned
  • Encourages examination of the status quo and alternative possibilities
  • Leaves a legacy through sharing experiences and guiding another's career path.

Mentor Responsibilities

  • Be available for meetings at least once a month. Pairs can communicate more frequently depending on individual preferences. Meetings may be in person, via text, video chat, or phone.
  • Help students clarify and achieve their personal and career goals
  • Provide support and encouragement
  • Offer guidance and constructive criticism
  • Provide introductions and access to professional circles
  • Demonstrate qualities successful STEM leaders possess

Mentor Qualifications

We ask that Mentors are current working professionals in their field and are willing to share their experience, ethics, integrity, and a network of friends, colleagues, and coworkers that can be called on as a resource to assist the student. Interested professionals will need to complete the STEM Mentor Application.

STEM Mentor Application Form

If you are a UWF HMCSE student and would like to request a mentor, please visit Request a Mentor.

We are very thankful for all current mentors giving their time and energy to help UWF students prepare to enter the professional world.