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Shusen Pu

Dr. Shusen Pu


Dr. Shusen Pu joined the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at UWF as an Assistant Professor in 2022. He received his Ph.D. in applied mathematics from Case Western Reserve University in 2020. Before joining UWF, Dr. Pu worked as a Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics at Vanderbilt University.

His recent research focuses on mathematical biology, especially computational neuroscience, and experimental data analysis. In the long term, his research aims to close the gap between microscopic level activities and their associated macroscopic behaviors. Dr. Pu worked on a diverse set of problems, including computational properties of single neuron activities, neural network models, working memory, and stochastic processes in biological systems. Additionally, Dr. Pu collaborates closely with biologists to analyze experimental data to leverage the power of computation for physical explorations. Dr. Pu also conducts research in statistics, where he works on generalized distributions and their applications to real-life data.

Dr. Pu published in Neural Computation, Eneuro, Biological Cybernetics, Data Science and other peer-reviewed journals. He has reviewed publications in multiple areas, including multidisciplinary journals such as iScience (Cell Press). Dr. Pu is actively organizing conference sessions and workshops. In addition, he presented his work at academic conferences in Canada, China, and the USA.

Degrees & Institutions

Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, Case Western Reserve University
B.S. in Mathematics and Statistics, Beijing Normal University


Computational Neuroscience, Mathematical Modeling, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Stochastic Processes, Numerical Simulations, Modified Distributions, Regression Analysis, Mathematical Biology

Current Courses

  • Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
  • Linear Algebra

Special Interests

Dr. Pu enjoys most sports and loves strategic board games. While working at Vanderbilt University, he initiated one of the most inclusive ultimate frisbee teams in Nashville, TN.