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UWF Math Association

Organizing tutor drives, activities, social events, & seminars for UWF's math community.

The Mathematics Association is open to all students with a general interest in math and statistics. Our goal is to enhance students’ interest and career prospects in mathematics and statistics via student-led presentations, volunteer opportunities, guest speakers, social events, conference trips, competitions, and more!


During the spring 2022 semester, meetings will be held twice a week to accommodate students' schedules; come to one or both!  Every now and then, we provide pizza!

Meeting Days & Locations
Building 4, Room 406 
Building 4, Room 404 

Meetings are not held in summer semesters.

How do I Join?

If you are interested in joining the Mathematics Association, join us for a meeting, or contact Christlene Amitie (President) or Dr. Anthony Okafor (Faculty Advisor)

Connect With Us

Join us on Argo Pulse! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram - @uwfmathclub

Dates to Remember

Article I: The name of the organization shall be "The University of West Florida Mathematics Association."

Article II: The purpose of this organization shall be to enhance students' interest in mathematics, to provide a social environment for mathematics students, and to identify possible career opportunities for mathematics students.

Article III: The Membership in this organization shall be open to any member of the University of West Florida community, without regard to race, religion, or national origin of any individual.

Article IV: The officers of this organization shall be a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and public relations officer. Elections will be held during the spring term. Officers- elect shall assume their offices immediately following the election and shall hold office for one year.

Article V: Regular meetings shall be held once a week. Special meeting may be called by the president or the vice-president. Executive Board meetings shall be held once a month.

Article VI: Dues of $10.00 annually shall be collected by the treasurer. If you are not a member on Argo Pulse, dues are $14.00 annually. Dues for one semester are $5.00 for Argo Pulse members and $7 for non-Argo Pulse members.

Article VII: The University of West Florida MathClub will not condone or conduct any form of hazing, including any action or situation which endangers the mental or physical health of a person for the purpose of admission into the organization.

Article VIII: Minimum requirements for membership shall be completion of the first course in the Calculus sequence or a genuine interest in mathematics.

Article IX: The By-Laws may be amended by two-thirds vote of the members, provided that the amendment shall have been proposed at least one meeting prior to the time of voting.