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Technical Reports

The purpose for the technical reports is to be internal preprints that will stimulate faculty and student research and publications. It is expected that papers appearing as technical reports may undergo some modifications before appearing in a professional journal. It is also expected that some technical reports will not appear in a professional journal. Dr. Jaromy Kuhl, Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, is the Editor of the technical reports.

Guidelines for the Authors

UWF mathematics and statistics faculty should submit to the Editor an electronic copy (pdf only) by email. The pdf should not exceed 4MB. Each technical report will appear below and will be numbered using the author's initials and the date it appears.

Math-JK-071912-2 Unavoidable PLS of Order 4

Math-JK-071912-4 Complete Tripartite Graph

STAT-RA-120314-1 Quality of Life: A Tale of 3109 Counties

Stat-RA-011216 Geographical Clusters of Sexual Offenders and Predators in Fl

STAT-RA-42617 A Spatial Population Study of the Counties in the 2016 Presidential Elections