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Undergraduate Courses

UWF Environmental Studies Courses
EVR3894 Environmental Writing     X
EVR4023 Coastal and Marine Environments X   EC/P
EVR4035 Environmental Law X EC/P  
EVR4037 - Environmental Auditing   Even  
EVR4050 - Environmental Field Research X X X
EVR4412 - Environmental Aspects of Urban Growth EC/Odd   X
EVR4823 - Environmental Impact Assessment   EC  
EVR4870 - Land-Use Management Odd(EC/Even)    
EVR4941 - Practicum in Environmental Studies     X
GEA2000 - Nations and Regions of the World X X X
GEA4212 - Geography of North America X    
GEA4405 - Geography of Latin America   Odd  
GEA4635 - Geography of the Middle East   ?  
GEA4730 - Geography of Japan   even  
GEO1200/L - Physical Geography/L X X X
GEO2330 - Environmental Science X X X
GEO3210/L - Geomorphology/L   X  
GEO3250/L - Weather and Climate/L   X  
GEO3260/L - Geography of Soils/L X    
GEO3372 - Conservation of Natural Resources   X  
GEO3421 - Cultural Geography X EC?  
GEO3471 - Geography of World Affairs X    
GEO3502 - Economic Geography   X  
GEO4164 - Geostatistics     X
GEO4221/L - Coastal Morphology and Processes/L   X  
GEO4280/L - Basic Hydrology/L X    
GEO4316 - Landscape Biogeography   EC  
GEO4332 - Senior Seminar X X  
GEO4333 - Seminar in Environmental Issues X    
GIS3015/L - Cartographic Skills/L X    
GIS4035/L - Photo Interpretation and Remote Sensing/L   X  
GIS4036 - Applications in Remote Sensing X    
GIS4043/L - Geographic Information Systems/L   X X
GIS4048 - Applications in GIS X    
GIS4071 - Methods and Techniques in ERMP X   X
GIS4102 - GIS Programming X    
GIS4930 - Special Topics in GIS   X  
GIS4944 - GIS Internship X X X
GLY2010/L - Physical Geology/L X    
GLY3031C/L - Environmental Geology/L   X  
GLY4240 - Geochemistry   odd  
GLY4244 - Biogeochemistry   even  
Allied Courses
BSC4303 Biogeography   X  
CHM1032/L Fund. of General Chemistry w/Lab X    
CHM2200/L Fund. of Organic & Biochemistry w/Lab   alt?  
CHM3120 Analytical Chemistry   X  
PHI3640 Environmental Ethics   X