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The Student Environmental Action Society,or SEAS, aims to educate UWF students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community about environmental issues and encourage activities that promote environmental awareness. Our goals are ultimately to advance UWF and the surrounding community towards a future of environmentally responsible and sustainable practices.


In the past, SEAS has benefited the UWF campus and the community in many significant ways. Noteworthy among these projects has been our part in piloting the current recycling program and working to expand it every year since it was established, Earth Day Symposiums on and off campus to educate UWF and the surrounding community, and we hosted an Energy Vendor Fair. More recently we have organized the first ever Farmers’ Market on campus to encourage buying from local farmers and businesses. We also played an integral part in establishing the first ever UWF Community garden as well as in its construction and maintenance. In the 2010 – 2011 academic year, SEAS is planning several projects and events to encourage sustainable consumption, promote environmental awareness and community outreach, recycling and waste reduction, community service, and community action to influence change. Please join us in our efforts!

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