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About Us

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences includes two teaching labs, research labs dedicated to soils, hydrogeology and dendrochronology, and a 23-station computer lab. The department also houses the GeoData Center, the University's cutting-edge GIS facility.


Soils Lab

The soils lab is equipped for physical and chemical analysis of soil and sediment samples. It is used primarily for research by faculty and students, but some advanced classes are offered in the lab. Lab equipment includes an elemental analyzer, a laser diffraction particle sizer, and more routine equipment such as centrifuges, analytical balances, automatic titrator, multiparameter (pH) meter. The lab also houses field equipment for the collection of soil and sediment samples on land and in shallow water.



GeoData Center

The GeoData Center houses the Geographic Information Science (GIS) Laboratory located on the third floor of building 13 (room 311). This brand new teaching and research facility is equipped with 32 high-end computer workstations, web and database servers, GPS and surveying instruments, and large format printing.  Users have access to industry-standard GeoSpatial software including ArcGIS, ERDAS Imagine, IDRISI Tiaga, and other packages. For a full list of the facilities and services see the GeoData Center homepage.

Tree Ring Analysis & Interpretation Lab (T.R.A.I.L.)

The TRAIL is located in Building 13, Rooms 322 and 324. The lab is fully equipped for cutting-edge dendrochronological research, from field data collection to sample preparation to measurement and analysis. Co-Directed by Dr. Jason Ortegren and Dr. John Waldron, ongoing research projects in the TRAIL have diverse focal points, including forest ecology and succession, plant response to environmental change, and paleoclimatic reconstruction. The TRAIL also houses a video-microscopy system, ideal for demonstrating details of laboratory and analytical techniques in tree-ring science to groups of students.

GeoScience Lab

The GeoScience Lab is located in Building 13, Room 214. the lab is the department's main teaching lab. It is equipped for hands-on experiments in geomorphology, geology, and soil science.



Hydrogeology Lab

The Hydrogeology lab is located in Building 13, Room 221a. The lab is used for both teaching and research activities. The lab contains a chemical fume hood, chemical storage, and laboratory glassware and can be used for a variety of analyses related to environmental geochemistry. Laboratory experiments related to hydrogeology and geochemistry are performed in the lab.

Map/Conference Room

The Map/Conference Room is located in Building 13, Room 202. This room stores our library of maps and aerial photography as well as a computer. The room is also used as a classroom. When not used for teaching, research, or meetings, the room functions as a study room.


Environmental Studies Computer Lab

The Environmental Studies Computer lab is located in Building 13, Room 216. The lab is equipped with 21 PC and 3 Macs. The lab is currently available to assist professors in their classes.