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MBA Prerequisite Modules

A solid understanding of business foundations is essential to the successful completion of the University of West Florida’s Masters of Business Administration program. The modules offered below provide a self-paced, online option for fulfilling UWF’s MBA program prerequisites.

Passing the module competency exam with a score of 80% or better is required to verify that you have gained the skill set and knowledge equivalent to a full semester undergraduate class. The average completion time for each module is 15-25 hours depending on the module and your prior knowledge.

Business Math and Statistics Module

Statistics and basic mathematics play an important role in understanding essential business functions. An understanding of these topics is important for managers. This module provides a broad overview of the basic math and statistics necessary for business and introduces the most popular forms of forecasting techniques.

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Financial Accounting Module

Working knowledge of accounting is critical to success in business. Accounting information underlies most strategic and operational decisions made by management. This module supplies managers with knowledge of accounting objectives and provides the tools necessary to interpret accounting information.

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Fundamentals of Economics Module

This module provides managers with fundamental economic principles, which are used to think critically about micro and macroeconomic events. Understanding the role of economics and its relationship with the individual, the market and the overall larger economy can help management make better decisions about their organizations leading to more profits.

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Information Systems Module

This module provides managers with an overall view of information systems. Understanding information changes in the workplace and their impact on business processes is critical to management effectiveness. Topics covered include databases, data storage, network computing, and data security.

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Managerial Accounting Module

Working knowledge of managerial accounting is critical to business success. Although some individuals may not be aware of job order costing, variances and activity-based costing, they are exposed to budgeting and in some cases, capital budgeting. This module is a good overview of all these topics.

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Principles of Management Module

This module reviews the management principles that practicing managers, professionals, and business students need to master to become successful managers. It blends research conclusions with practical applications and the theoretical underpinnings needed to understand and manage human issues within the workplace. The self-paced, interactive learning format promotes rapid mastery through active learning exercises with detailed feedback that maintains ongoing student engagement.

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Principles of Marketing Module

This module provides managers or those who aspire to be managers a framework for understanding the role of marketing in an organization's planning activities. The focus is on key marketing principles, theories, models and terminology.

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Understanding Corporate Finance Module

This course is beneficial for managers and analysts responsible for investment, finance, or credit decisions, as well as those who need to understand the role of finance within a corporation.

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Access to the course is not immediate and is delivered through the Ivy Software’s course portal. Contact Continuing Education's Student Support Center at 850.473.7468 if you have any problems with the registration.