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Become a Full Stack Developer

Full stack developers are the creative minds behind interactive web apps, and they are needed in every industry around the globe. This course will put you on an 18-month fast track to becoming a successful full stack developer by preparing you for your first job in the web development field with step-by-step instruction, 600 hours of in-depth training, expert instructor support, and a finished project for your portfolio — no previous experience needed!

Software developer looking at code on computer

Full stack developers are the minds behind interactive web apps. A full stack developer is a web developer or software engineer who is able to work in front-end dev, back-end dev, databases, DevOps, and mobile app dev. While certifications are always a great way to boost your resume, they are not required in this field. Being able to show potential employers your experience working in a full stack capacity using the portfolio of projects you build in this course is what you really need to land a great job. 

“Recruiters want to see your code,” said full stack developer student Mark M. “The course really helps show what type of developer you are.”

In addition to the 21% job growth forecasted by the BLS, recently showed “full stack developer” ranked in the number 2 position of jobs based on its growth potential and salary opportunity. Not only that, but this position commands one of the highest average annual salaries in information technology.

By the time you complete your course, you'll have the skills needed for many different web and app development roles, including front-end developer, back-end developer, systems architect, and of course, as a full stack web developer.

Online Full Stack Software Developer Training Course

Schedule: You will have 18 months of access to this self-paced course. Start anytime. 
Prerequisites and Requirements: There are no prerequisites to begin this course, and you can use either a PC or Mac to completed coursework.
Course Objectives: Full stack developers need to have a wide range of skills to build apps from the ground up. This course will fully prepare you to:

  • Build an end-to-end web application for any client or employer
  • Create an interactive front-end website with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
  • Use agile methodology for quick and efficient completion of projects
  • Develop a scalable back-end server and manage data in a MySQL database using Python
  • Manage source code using Git and GitHub
  • Deploy your projects to the web using GitHub Pages and Heroku

Location: Online
Tuition: $5,495.00
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Web Developers and Digital Designers - Employment and Education

Web developers create and maintain websites. Digital designers develop, create, and test website or interface layout, functions, and navigation for usability. Employment of web developers and digital designers is projected to grow 8 percent from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations. Demand will be driven by the continued popularity of mobile devices and ecommerce.

Job Stats
  • Job Outlook: 8% (Much faster than average)
  • Number of Jobs, 2019: 174,300
  • Median Pay: $77,200 per year 

Source: May 2021