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New Certificate Courses to Increase Your Business and Entrepreneurial Skills

April 1, 2021 | Heather Fletcher

Group of entrepreneurs discussing project management around a table with documents

Elevate your skills, increase your marketability and gain the credentials you need to stand out to your current or future employers with self-paced certificate courses from the UWF Center for Entrepreneurship.

The new non-credit certificate courses are designed for anyone interested in improving their knowledge of business and entrepreneurship. Courses address specific needs including project management, continuous process improvement and how to start your own business.

"The course topics were chosen and designed based on the most in-demand skills businesses are searching for in employees,” explained Dr. Gerald Burch, the instructor for the new courses.

“Students who complete the entrepreneurship courses will be better prepared to increase the value of their businesses and will understand the multitude of tasks that are asked of an entrepreneur,” explained Dr. John Batchelor, Director of the UWF Center for Entrepreneurship. “While those working inside organizations can take the Six Sigma and Project Management certificates to position themselves for career advancement.”

These online, open-enrollment courses are open to anyone looking gain a better understanding of the business world. With an average completion time of 8-12 weeks, each course is supported by instructor interaction, videos and written instructions. The interactive curriculum provides both background knowledge of the topic and relevant practice executing key concepts.

Courses can be taken individually and do not have to be completed in any specific order, although many of the concepts are related and can build on subject area knowledge.

The University of West Florida Center for Entrepreneurship is dedicated to seeding economic growth. The Center encourages and supports educational initiatives related to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking and serves as a comprehensive resource for economic innovation for students, faculty, industry and community partners. The Center for Entrepreneurship seeks to support the complete life cycle of an entrepreneur. Quint Studer serves as the Entrepreneur in Residence.

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