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Heather Riddell


Dr. Heather Riddell, assistant professor of communication, teaches social media, communication writing, and public relations courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Riddell has created technology-centered courses to prepare students for a digitally-converged communication industry. At the undergraduate level, students take part in high-impact practices that allow students to learn through experience. She recently opened a Social Media Lab to support the content creation needs of students. At the graduate level, students pair theories with public relations strategies to create impactful and compelling digital content. Graduate students participate in the Florida Public Relations Association Image Award competition and have won local and state awards. 

Riddell’s research interests have focused on social/digital media, media effects, and the role of user-generated content in crisis communication. She has also investigated issues of public relations and social media pedagogy.



Degrees & Institutions

Riddell has a Master of Arts in Professional Communication from Clemson University and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Communication from George Mason University.



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