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The Voyager

The Voyager is a student-led newspaper maintained by the Department of Communication. The publication celebrates more than 50 years of student journalism.

About the Voyager

Founded in 1967, "The Voyager" is a student-led newspaper maintained by the UWF Department of Communication. "The Voyager" aims to provide real-world experience for students to produce work for their portfolios or design print publications. As a news platform for the UWF community, "The Voyager" also serves as a tool for students to gain editorial, online content management, interview, and research sills.

"The Voyager" is primarily an online publication, and the website is updated frequently with fresh content for the campus and community. Each semester, "The Voyager" produces a print edition, which is distributed at locations across campus.

Read the publication online at

Student Staff Participation

Students can participate with "The Voyager" for class credits, but may also join as an extra-curricular experience. Students enrolled in the class are considered staff writers, and have minimum weekly assignments. Students who wish to participate in "The Voyager" outside of the class may become contributing writers. Contributing writers at "The Voyager" pursue stories and submit original material at their convenience.

All UWF students, regardless of their field of study are welcome to participate with "The Voyager." Students interested in working with "The Voyager" should contact the editor-in-chief to find out more information. 

Advertising With The Voyager

"The Voyager" offers opportunities for advertising. To inquire, or for more information, contact "The Voyager" office.

Contact The Voyager

Contact "The Voyager" to participate in the editorial process, inquire about advertising information or to reach the editor.

The Voyager
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