Internships in Communication

The Department of Communication offers internships that provided practical learning experiences.

Kaitlyn Lewis intern at WEAR
Kaitlyn Lewis, current UWF intern at WEAR in Pensacola, FL operating the camera for the evening news.


Department of Communication internships offer practical learning experiences outside the classroom. Host organizations provide learning opportunities to further prepare students' for job opportunities in the field after graduation. Students participating in internships apply the principles learned in an academic setting to real-life working environments.

A Former Intern's Perspective

Edwin Banacia completed an internship with Sony Music in NYC. He was one of 20 students selected for the internship. As a media coordinator, he wrote feature stories for print and television publications such as Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Ebony, Vibe and Spin. He assisted with the facilitation of the interview with Columbia Recording artist, Destiny's Child on the ABC television show, The View, and on ABC Radio. Banacia was hired by Sony after he completed his internship.

"The future intern must remember that he is an intern only at his corporation for one reason--to learn. My advice is to mind your own business, work harder and longer than anyone else regardless of the pay, the reward or the task. Although it may seem that people aren't watching, they are." -- Edwin Banacia, former UWF intern at Sony Music.

Internship Eligibility

It is essential that the communication channels remain open and flowing between the educator, student and professional. The role of the educator is to teach and supervise. The professional's role is to provide on-the-job training, supervision and evaluation. Finally, the student's role and responsibility is to demonstrate outstanding application of communication skills and perform effectively. Eligible students include: University of West Florida Communication Arts seniors and graduate students with a 2.7 overall GPA. Permission is also required from the faculty advisor in charge of your program. All internship applications must be submitted at least one semester prior to the one you wish to intern.

Please view the UWF 2019 Communication Internship Application

Internship Applications

If you are a business or organization interested in obtaining an intern, please complete the 2019 Internship Request Form .

If you are a student currently enrolled as a senior in the UWF Communication Arts program and have a minimum 2.7 GPA, please complete the ‌.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Communication Arts internship programs. 

In what areas are internships offered?

Organizational Communication
Public Relations
Print Journalism
Television Production
Radio Production

What are the benefits of an internship?

Gain experience
Expand your portfolio
Network with professionals
Build resume and portfolio
Reinforce career decisions
Develop teamwork skills
Approximately 35% of interns are hired

Where are internships located?

Most internships are located in Pensacola, some on the UWF campus, but you are not limited to staying in the Pensacola area. National and international internship programs are available. Sample local internships include WEAR-TV3, Pensacola Ice Pilots/Baracudas, WUWF-FM, and the Pensacola News Journal. Some national internships include: Sony, CNN, U.S.O.C., and Disney.

Are internships paid?

Some interns are paid a stipend per semester. However, most internships are not paid. Students earn 1-3 credit hours per semester, depending on number of hours worked per week. If you work 20 hours per week, you earn 3 credits, 15 hours per week earns 2 credits, and 10 hours per week earns 1 credit.

What organizations offer internships?

Health Care
Social Services
Government (State & Federal)
Advertising Agencies
Non-proft Organizations

Need more information?

Contact Laura Kirby, internship coordinator, at