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Dr. Laszlo Ujj

  • Position: Associate Professor
  • Department: Physics
  • Office Location: Building 4, Room 141
  • Campus: 8504743400


Dr. Laszlo Ujj earned a Ph.D. in Physics at the University of Szeged, Hungary. He has over twenty-five years of undergraduate teaching- and some graduate-level teaching experience. He worked as a research scientist at the University of Arizona for nine years and three years for a high-tech optical company in Tucson, AZ, before joining UWF in 2001. His major research fields are nonlinear optics, ultrafast laser spectroscopy, and coherent Raman spectroscopy. His scientific articles and presentations are cited more than 599 times by 2019. (WebofScience: h-index 14, Google Scholar:citation # 727, h-index 14, i10-index 17).

He is a teacher and researcher with solid experimental and theoretical experience. Two of his scientific articles reflect groundbreaking results on the laser spectroscopy of photoactive proteins. His findings have appeared in scientific journals and books and have been cited hundreds of times. Recently, he has been contributing to the applications and developments of innovative optical methods such as coherent Raman microscopy and laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy. He has made numerous presentations to the American Physical Society and to the International Conference of Advanced Vibrational Spectroscopy meetings on such subjects as spectral processing in spectroscopy, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy of metals, and on nonlinear spectroscopy and microscopy.

Dr. Ujj also has been developing state-of-the-art laser spectroscopy systems in Laser Spectroscopy labs, previously at the University of Arizona and recently at the Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering at UWF.

Ujj teaches the entire spectrum of undergraduate physics courses, notably including thermodynamics, theoretical intermediate mechanics, electromagnetic theory, laser physics, and quantum theory. He has revised several classes and supervised many students conducting scientific research with international recognition. Many of his former research students attended graduate schools and eventually earned an MS or Ph.D. degree which includes students who subsequently earned a Ph.D. degree at Harvard University, University of New Mexico, and the University of Arizona.

Degrees & Institutions

Ph.D. Physics, University of Szeged, Hungary (2001)
Ph.D. Nonlinear Spectroscopy/Physics, JPTE University of Pecs, Hungary (1990)
M.S. Theoretical Physics, JATE University of Szeged, Hungary (1983)


He has been contributing to the applications and developments of innovative optical methods such as coherent Raman microscopy and laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy.

Classes Taught

The following classes have been taught while at the University of West Florida: 

  • PHY 4323 Electricity and Magnetism I
  • PHY 4325 Electricity and Magnetism II
  • PHY 4445 Lasers and Applications
  • PHZ 4113 Mathematical Physics I
  • PHZ 4114 Mathematical Physics II
  • PHY 4905 System control programming with LabView
  • PHY 4604 Quantum Theory
  • PHY 4990 Fluids
  • PHY 4513 Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory
  • PHY 4905 Laser Spectroscopy
  • PHY 4990L Undergraduate Research
  • PHY 3424 Optics
  • PHY 3220 Intermediate Mechanics
  • PHY 3206 Modern Physics I
  • MAP 2302 Ordinary Differential Equations
  • PHY 2048 University Physics I
  • PHY 2049 University Physics II
  • PHY 2053 General Physics I
  • PHY 2054 General Physics II
  • PHY 1020 Conceptual Physics

Special Interests

He is amazed by the world of bio-photonics and likes to spend time collecting bugs and butterflies. 

Keywords: nonlinear optics, ultrafast laser spectroscopy, coherent Raman spectroscopy, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, phase retrieval methods, free electron scattering, CARS, MEM, LIBS, Raman, Molecular rotors